Friday, January 16, 2009

Dear Noah.....a little video clip you made where you apparently used a bad word and had to explain to me why

and it is -14 with a windchill of -34.....please pray for Joe and Tom



Tom is a cute cat that hangs around my grandmother's house and Joe is her neighbor's dog. The neighbors do not take very good care of Joe and he is left out in all type of elements without proper shelter and conditions are horrific for him. I have written about him is so very sad. I want to just go rescue him and bring him home to where I live...but right now renting this house I am not even allowed to have the one cat I do have (which I took in as a stray).

Tom-Kat we take pretty good care of, but he still has to be left outside. My grandmother is helping to keep him fed and such until I can hopefully bring him here to live too....somewhere if I can get a place that allows pets.

Needless to say I am worried about those 2 little guys and wish I already lived somewhere ...where I could have brought them both to live. I don't want to find out they froze to death during this bitterly cold weather.

I love you Noah.....I am hoping and praying for you "understand" more in school a little easier than you have recently. We had a very emotional day again yesterday...and you had a hard time understanding things you read as well as just handling the school work load. It is extremely frustrating at times....and I feel like I must be doing something really I need to figure out a better way to help you understand the things you need to this is just not working. AND it could be that I need to realize you will just not be able to grasp some of these things.....maybe not ever. I am not sure what that means for you down the road....and I do admit it is a little scary.

So lots of prayers today.

Love you lots! We made gingerbread Valentine cookies last you will be all stocked up!

(We have 3 containers FILLED with cookies now well over 4 dozen. That should last you a few days I would think.....)



Wanda said...

My computer wouldn't let me see the video... But I feel for the neighbors dog.... Wish I could take care of him...

The cookies look so delicious!!!!

I'm thinking and loving on you Noah and your sweet Momma!


MotherofanotherNoah said...


Noah reminds me of me and also of my son named Noah, and regardless of if and when he will get certain things, he is just so awesome to me, and I loved his video, and how he took that moment to talk about the bad word. There are people who follow something called unschooling, I've heard they just follow the childs intrests or something like that. Noah is going to do great, not in all areas, but hey who's perfect;)

Betsy said...

I wondered about the outside animals, too. Hard to believe they could have survived. It was bitterly cold just to be out in it a few minutes. Sad.

Hope the schooling soon brings some encouragement for you and Noah. You know you are doing the right thing, so just keep plugging along! Some days will be harder than others. :)

Love the cookies...yum!