Monday, January 26, 2009

Dear Noah.......last week I cut your hair.....

and it had grown so long. The more I cut.....the more I realized we would probably just have to cut it really short and let it start growing out again. So I did.....and you love to rub it now......(so do I) ...and you said to me the other night "I love it when you cut my hair like this....I love to feel reminds me of Sierra hair goes up and down and up and down like the mountains!"

I thought that was pretty cute.

One of the first things I always ask you in the mornings when you get up now is "did you sleep well?" and then I ask "did you have any dreams?" Usually you say if you dreamed you cannot remember them...but Sunday morning when you woke up you HAD a dream and you DID remember it. You said you were out in our backyard playing with some kids from your former class and you were eating "wasp fruit" and a big wasp with big long legs came flying up to get you because you were eating wasp fruit...his you called for me to come help as I was watching you all playing in the yard from the kitchen window....and you wanted me to bring you a chaos emerald (something from a Sonic game you play) I did and you pushed the button on the chaos emerald and you were immediately transported back safely into the house.

You have talked nonstop lately about this time machine and now you are getting into many details about it. I have to wonder what the future might hold in this regard...wouldn't that be something? You have also been super busy designing your own bathrooms on Sketch Up......I will have to post some of your designs another time.

Today you had occupational therapy....tomorrow speech therapy....and Wednesday the youth program after school. Makes me tired just thinking about it all.

I think more snow is on its way. We ran errands today and stocked up from the store just in case. I also decided to try having you on the same schedule as I work so you were OFF school today as that is my day off....this will allow us to have one day free for sure each week through the week where we can go on field trips or do fun things together or run errands....etc. This means you will do school Tuesdays through Saturdays.....or maybe even just 4 days a week if I can work out our schedule to get everything in during that amount of time. We were able to do it in the past.

Anyway....I have lots to do and it is already 8:30 p.m.

I love you! Here you are in your Sierra Nevada hair cut!



Betsy said...

The haircut looks great! I know what Noah means about rubbing a buzz cut like does feel really neat! :) Mondays would be great days to have off...while most eveyone else is dreading them! :) And love the dream! I wish my boys could talk and tell me theirs....probably would have something to do with trains. :)

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Really like the new hair cut Noah. Looking good. Feels like a soft brush doesn't it?