Monday, January 05, 2009

Dear Noah.......let me tell you bout the birds and the bees....and.....

Well on your last night of your "extended stay reservations" sleeping in my room over the holiday....we had quite the interesting discussion. We got on the subject sexual things....and our conversation and my explanations and your questions kept us up until around 2:00 a.m. You were full of questions and I explained everything to you and I also explained it all to you in the manner which GOD intended things to be.....and you listened intently and my answers would usually cause you to ask yet another question.

On and on we went...and for one answer when I was explaining how the male and female parts all fit together you said "huh" so cute and sweet at the end......haha...

anyway....I won't go into detail here but I believe we covered just about everything.....for now anyway.

Today was a busy day...back to school here at home for you.....we had a busy day....and then to Occupational Therapy.....then I took you the play area at Burger King knowing this would probably overload you......but you did well....and you did well at the store following that. BUT once back home and time to finish the 2 assignments we still had to do for the day and you were not happy. I was scolding you and did use a bad describe your complaining.......and this totally upset you. We are both very careful about not swearing or saying cuss words......but you were lost it....was crying....having a fit.......charged at me.....but thankfully you did NOT hit me. You are so good and so much better at controlling yourself. BUT we discussed how you MUST learn to control your emotions and outbursts all the time....especially as you get older....and the possible consequences if you don't. I also said that we ALL need to learn to do and grandpa...everyone we know and in the world. We all mess up from time to time because we are human beings but that is no excuse.

We do pretty well here....most all the time. BUT we did get into it a bit tonight. After much explanation and discussion....and calming down you did so much better and you quickly finished your last 2 assignments...had your supper....and now you are spinning on your Gym Spin.

All is right in your world you head off to play Sonic games on your computer.




Betsy said...

Melinda ~ I just love to read your posts. You handle things with such love and care. Noah is so fortunate to have you. :)

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Yes, sounds like it was one busy day. It would have even caused me to go into overload. LOL I almost did that yesterday after spending almost all day on the phone with Medicare, Aetna/Medicare. Express Scripts, pharmacy and doctor's office. It's enough to make a preacher cuss, as my Mother use to say.

Hope the rest of the week is great for the both of you. Some ice we had yesterday wasn't it? We didn't have it nearly as bad as you and Mom. Love you both.

drama mama said...

It's good to drop in! And do you know what?

We're having the same types of conversations.

Tween years.

Gotta love 'em!