Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear Noah......we are now a Level 3 Snow Emergency........


that was a lot of shoveling and of course the snow plow plowed us all in at the end of our driveways......over 3 feet deep in at least a 10-15 foot section I had to move


my snowman that stands 3 feet got completely buried after this last snow pass moved through....I tried to shake the snow around him off.....



There is a bush buried under all this snow on the corner


Noah is a little over 4-1/2 feet tall.......he is right about the height of the snow to the right of him

P1150315 at least the mailman will be able to get to my mailbox!


Wanda said...

Oh I can't believe that snow!!!!

Please come out to CA and let me serve you lunch on the patio.

I freezing just looking at your snow Noah....but you look so happy!!!!


TimsMomMom said...

Wow, that's a ton of snow. I actually found your blog and tagged you on mine. I hope you don't mind. If you want me to remove the tag just let me know. Marcie

Melinda said...

Wanda I have never been to CA before! haha....right now I cannot even begin to imagine anywhere with a patio ready to serve a meal!

TimsMomMom that is fine! ;)

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Looks like that snow drift is taller than Noah. Mom said Friday we're to get several more inches. She said at this rate she won't ever get out of the house. LOL I think she's getting stir crazy, or is it called Cabin Fever?? I told her that was probably good she came along Sunday since that got her out for a while and she said yes and she also enjoyed the dinner.

I did get a pathway to Colwell's drive way, which is where the bus will have to drop them. The city plowed the other area in and my little snow blower will not go through it and I'm not about to shovel it. Also Shaner who went around yesterday moving all the snow from the end of the driveways, pushed some of Colwells into that pole area, and I couldn't get through there either. I ended up taking her this morning, two hour delay, and we waited until 11 for the bus, it never did show, it should have been there at least by 10:45.

Glad you don't have to venture out to take Noah to school. Love you both.