Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dear Noah.......busy day again!

After I worked and we did some school....we ran and got grandma C. some candy she wanted that was marked down from Christmas.....Hershey Kisses...and then I picked her up a brand new snow shovel and a 50-lb bag of salt ...more cat food for Tom...and we popped back over to her house again Tuesday to drop it all off. We had a nice second visit with her. I had to drop off those keys of hers I forgot I had.

You had an emotional day. ANY time you get emotional end up with a thumping headache afterwards. I am sure your blood pressure probably sky rockets....or you get tense. You looked almost drugged and ill at speech therapy......your typical ZOMBIE/recovery face and affect you get after you have a difficult emotional day. It zaps you.....yet at the same time you were bouncing off the walls...had a very difficult time listening and settling down to do anything.

Not a lot went right yesterday it seemed..I could have screamed a couple of times. In fact I think I did do a couple of MINI screams......which obviously does nothing to help the situation any.

Praying tomorrow will be better for us bot but since I am still up and need to start work in a few hours......I won't be starting the day on my best foot will I?

I LOVE YOU very much!



Melissa said...

I hope it wasn't because we were there on Monday and he got too wound up from that. I hope today is a better one for you guys. Love you!

Betsy said...

Yes, hope today is better. I do those mini screams myself...but I think they help! ha-ha!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Hope today and the rest of the week will be more relaxing for you and Noah. Sometimes you just need a day to unwind, which is hard to do when you are the only one there to care for him.

Well I hear your Father opening and shutting cabinet doors, probably looking for something to eat. Not quite lunch time yet, but he's probably hungry.

Again hope you both have a very good day. Love you both.

Abraham Lincoln said...

You all should feel better now that it has warmed up and the sun is out. You can get some sunshine.

Wanda said...

Hi Noah ~~~ I'm a bad girl... I haven't been to visit you for a few day....

Sorry... I think about you and your mommy.... Hope the Sun Shines and you have a most excellent day tomorrow.