Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I am sure many of you have already seen this product or items like it. I know when Noah started occupational therapy and physical therapy I wanted to have a room also at home where I could install a swing much like the one they used in therapy for Noah...which is very similar to this swing you get with this product. If your child is like Noah and MUST swing to help calm down........this could be the answer.....especially if there are times when your child (like Noah in the past) does not want to venture to a park to be around other children. Back when Noah was doing his therapy......it was also during a time when he did not want to be around other kids much if at all......and I wished I had a way to have a swing installed INSIDE my home for him to swing on. We would always just try to pick a park and time it right to where there were NO other people there and once it started to have other people come and Noah freaked out we would leave. During the summer months....it became almost impossible to sometimes find places to go unless we did it very early in the day.

Noah used a swing in therapy similar to this sling swing.....but his in therapy was more like a giant sheet he would crawl into......and then he was not seen by our eyes....and he could swing.....but his swing he could also spin. AND SPIN forever.....he LOVED it and it would calm him down....he finds it very soothing. I don't know if you could buy an attachment for this product that would allow a swing to spin on this or not.....and since it has to be in a doorway the space may not accommodate spinning too.....but to be able to swing!!!!! AND INDOORS? SO cheaply? WITHOUT having to install big items into your ceiling joists and such?

All I can say is WOW! AND I wish I would have seen this product before now. SO since I KNOW there are probably others out there with similar needs and situations....I wanted to share. Of course if you all subscribe to AUTISM TODAY via e-mail you are already aware of this product because you received an e-mail about it. AND as you can tell if you go to the site and see the video clipped demonstrations....once the bar is properly installed 2 men were able to do a chin up on the bar...at the same time......so it is very secure. I guess if you wanted....you could also double it as a work out item in your home to do chin-ups/pull-ups on when your child was not using it to swing by. Your child can swing to soothe themselves.....or you can also have them add the trapeze bar to help build upper body strength. They can hang from the bar......and suspend themselves by their hands and arms.....not always the legs.....they can swing back and forth that way...Noah used to have to do that. In therapy they would stack soft blocks in front of him .....then he would grab the trapeze bar and have to HANG ON while swinging forward to knock the blocks over with his feet! GREAT fun for the kids while also doing therapy! YOU CAN DO THAT WITH THIS PRODUCT!!!!! The same things! SO many ideas and possibilities! I am going to have to get one for Noah....I know he would love it and use it a lot! I think MOST kids would like this product! I mean wouldn't you?

Anyway......you can go here to check it out..... PLAY AWAY INDOOR PLAYGROUND

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Old Lady Lincoln said...

That top photo looks like something that would be nice even to hold an adult if the swing were large enough. I can remember when they use to attach bouncing seats to a hook in the doorway and babies would bounce and kick the floor and that would make them bounce a little higher. But I don't think they took off to good, they weren't around to long. Angela passed her exam, HOORAY!