Friday, April 25, 2008

Dear Noah......."You are NOT shoving Sonics down your pants!"

you looked so dejected once I said no!

Yes.......that was your idea the last couple of days. That is all I have heard from you. You are wanting so badly to take your Sonic plushies to school you even try to get the teachers to beg for you at the end of the school day when I pick you up.

Then you came up with the idea the other morning that you could SHOVE them down your pants and sneak them to school. no one would ever NOTICE that massive bulge in your pants!

I have been telling you no.....and all the reasons WHY.....such as you might lose them...or someone will steal them..etc. All to no avail. You are relentless in your attempts to sneak them out of the house.

Today you came up behind me and said to me "do you know what I am thinking?" I turned around to find you standing with pants unzipped.....plushies in hand. As I started to say very loudly "NO!" you began shoving those plushies as fast as you could down your pants giggling the entire time. I will have to say this......after they were in really could not notice it all that resembled football player pads over their thighs. You were content and really thought I was going to let you leave like that......but again I said the infamous "NO!" and all the reasons why.......

You got upset.....but got over it....because I told you maybe we could buy you a T-SHIRT or two with SONIC stuff on wear THAT to school so you would HAVE the Sonics with you at school but would not have to worry about anyone taking them from you.

You were happy at this idea.....and all was well in your world again.

Until it came time to drop you off at the front door at school. Lately you have reverted back to your kindergarten days when you always felt GETTING INSIDE that front door was a race....and you were determined to never let another child pass you up or beat you into the school. We worked long and hard getting you to realize just entering the school each morning was NOT a race....and that there were always going to be other kids entering the building before you....and that all that was "okay" because in your mind it was not okay let alone acceptable and it used to trigger huge meltdowns outside the school from you.

The entire time since I have been taking you in via the front door now at your current school this obsession has recurred. Today you got rather snotty and took off running as you saw another car pull up......but you took off without your backpack...I was still holding that. I was yelling at you to come back and get your backpack......asking if you wanted to get into big trouble I approached you as you FINALLY stood right at the doorway ....trying to block anyone else from getting in....I again asked you......"are you wanting to get into big trouble today?" to which you replied, "no....I just want to be first!"

I placed your backpack on your back and off you went through the doorway.....looking back giving me a dirty look....because yes.....some other kids beat you into the building first.


I love you......maybe you should take up track and field events......if you like to race so fast you beat everyone else.........perhaps that could be a good fit for you?



Margaret said...

Very interesting blog. May God blss you richly--you and Noah.

Hermiston, OR

Melinda said...

thank you very much for your visit and very kind words!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

LOL, he's something else. Like you said, did he think no one would notice. LOL You should also remind him, if he runs too fast and falls, he's really going to scrape up the knees when he has shorts on. Soon it will be summer break. Love you both

kristi said...

HA! That Noah is too funny!

kristi said...

HA! That Noah is too funny!