Friday, April 04, 2008

Dear do very well.....but then slip up......

Well you said the F-word on the playground the other day at recess. Apparently you and your best friend Travis wanted to play with a ball another kid had.....but they said NO........which you called IMproper English....and then you got so frustrated and upset because they were not sharing the told me you called them F--king idiots! You told me that night you almost forgot but that you would have INDOOR recess for FOUR days because you said the F-word on the playground to another student. I thought that seemed a little harsh and you acted funny....

Well today I found out why. I got an e-mail from the principal that told me you also tried to CHOKE the boy while you were calling him a F--king idiot! You left out that part in your story to me last night. I had you demonstrate on me what you did to the boy so I would know and while it was not actually choking it was enough pressure with your hands being pushed against my throat to make it hard for even me to breathe.


The principal and aides worked with you and the boys to go over what was wrong about the scenario and what to do next time round. They do not give up on you and I must admit that does impress me.

so........our IEP meeting is next Tuesday. The teachers and staff at the school are working very well with you and to be honest I am amazed they have not mentioned tossing you out but instead are adamant about keeping you IN and helping you. This is new for me to hear because in Colorado they were all too quick to toss you aside in the public schools there.

However I also must pay attention to you and your needs no matter what I or the school might think and if you need a break from the public classroom or partial days or adjustments you can handle it better and receive more work on behavior and social skills......I MUST do whatever I can to help you. If it means yanking you again from public school I would do it...but we are so close to finishing this year I would really like you to succeed and finish the year out. You have made amazing progress....and are doing so well. A lot will depend on how you respond from here on out. I want you to learn right and wrong and what is and is not appropriate behavior but not at the expense of another child.

I am tired. I have had 2 online friends pass away in less than 2 months. I have work and then I don't have work. Seems all I do is sit here and try to work .....I am on call for work all the time....that is not right. And now I sound like I am complaining when I am not......I am thankful for all we do have. Your grandpa is home from the hospital too so that is good news.

So......with that being said...goodnight Noah. I love you.......but we have lots of work to do!



Old Lady Lincoln said...

Dear Noah, I'm so sorry to hear you had a really bad day at school. Remember to take a deep breathe and try to relax the next time. Which I know is easier said then done. I hope you are able to finish out this year. And remember, you have to say something like fiddlesticks or froggie, or some other word that starts with an f. I know you can do it. So hang in there, school is almost over for the year. Love you, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Well, life is filled with ups and downs and learning the good and bad words takes some time. Some words just slide off the tongue easier than others like fiddle sticks.

Take care buddy. Love you.

Grandpa Lincoln still wobbly and not up to par.

Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio now playing the part of Mrs. Zac Efron's employee.

drama mama said...

I know the feeling. It feels like one step forward, two steps back sometimes.

Hang in there.