Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dear Noah....physical therapy evaluation....

We stopped by tonight after school to the hospital's rehab center to see about getting you physical therapy finally since they now accept our insurance plan.  The physical therapist agreed you could use some therapy.   You also need some new or revised orthotics.  Your feet fall in so badly when you stand....that your leg (especially the right one) is also getting thrown off and toward the inside at an all those muscles have to work twice as hard all the time to try to compensate...hence one of the biggest reasons you become so exhausted so quickly and have pain in your legs and feet.   Your legs are being thrown all out of whack...and the orthotics do not seem to be correcting your stance like they did it is time for a new pair or some adjustments.  This will be yet another process but we will tackle it.

Meanwhile when you got out of the turned around and saw some soap suds on the side and said to me "Mom, that looks like SPAIN!"

I am not sure how many 9-year-old kids even know about Spain let alone what it looks like...the shape of the country.   You can be so funny sometimes.

Not much new here really.  Still working on getting my parental attachment added to the IEP.  Nothing back on that yet.  Either the principal is working on it or they are hoping I forget.  I think they know by now however I would not forget something like that.  We have another IEP meeting coming  up in May for next year.  So maybe we will discuss all of those things then.

Tonight we stopped by to see grandma C.  You did some puzzles with her.  Next week is the big state assessment tests you kids have to take all week long.  I don't remember taking tests like that for the entire week when we were in school in your grade but maybe we did and I just don't remember it. 

Anyway......I love you very much and can't stop rubbing your head!




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Melissa said...

I bet he gets really tired but doesn't want to stop playing. Poor least you can get some new orthotics.

I liked the feel of his new haircut too!