Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Grandparent's Night at Noah's school......

He brought home a flier maybe a week ago? Did not act interested....never said he wanted anyone to come so they could go to this event. I asked him if he wanted to go or have anyone come. He never really decided.

Then THE night of the even rolled around. When I picked him up from school his parapro told me that Noah had talked all day long about going to Grandparent's Night at his school. ....and he was planning on going. I told her that was news to me. SO I wondered what we were going to do. Late notice.....my mom having a bum knee right now. My grandma or Noah's great grandma would have come had she known about it sooner. SO I asked Noah what was the main reason he wanted to go to this grandparent's night. He wanted his grandparents there to see his TOILETS at school and HIM FLUSHING the toilets. He cared less about his classrooms and the projects they were working on....or showing anyone those things at the school. He was excited thinking he would be able to go to ALL the restrooms and take his video camera with him and record all the toilets flushing!

We discussed the grandparent's night further. I asked him if he would be just as happy to go somewhere else to see toilets and flush them.....say for example Walgreens and Big Lots. OH he became VERY excited about those prospects. See Noah has come up with "THE PROMISE"....which is any time we go somewhere they have a toilet....he can take his camera along....and then I am to allow him to go to the restroom and record the toilets flushing. SO....now every day before school and after he talks about THE PROMISE. "Mom can we do the promise again tomorrow?" is all I have heard since we got home tonight. I ran him to Walgreens to see and flush all their toilets....Men's and Women's bathrooms. Then to Big Lots....same deal there. THEN he started to cry in Big Lots saying he changed his mind about the event at school and he would probably be the only one NOT going and he wanted to go. This was at 7:45 PM and the event was over at 8:00 PM and I had just asked him not 10 minutes prior if he would be OKAY tomorrow if he did not go tonight.

So we checked out quickly and rushed over to the school only to find locked doors. We were persistent though and finally got in when some other parents were coming out. The first stop....yep...you got it. The BATHROOM. He hit several in the school......and found his folder he forgot to bring home earlier in the day......and all was well in his little world again. Long gone were the tears and he was smiling and happy and content all over.

I had to laugh at something his parapro said. I guess today there was a little girl who had these jeans on with a pink fuzzy stripe down the sides of the legs. I guess Noah got down on his knees and went up behind her and stretched out one hand on either side of her legs and proceeded to run his hands up and down her legs....to feel that pink fuzzy stripe! I guess he really liked how they felt. The parapro said it was all she could do to not bust out laughing!...(and we all knew he was only doing it for SENSORY reasons)....but that is a great example of a social situation that he and others like him just do not clearly understand....that you just cannot go up to someone and TOUCH them like that. I know one time we were in Lowe's when Noah was a little younger....and he saw a woman walking down the aisle with a Pillsbury Poppin' Fresh Doughboy on the front. He reached over to her and went up and stuck his finger into the stomach of Poppin' on her shirt....I guess expecting to hear that all-too familiar GIGGLE like from the commercials. He had no clue you don't do that. Same for one day at Chic-Fil-A......a woman was sitting there with shorts on during the summer.......he went over and rubbed up and down on her legs......he loves legs. Actually he loves all women's body parts!

So.......back home. Noah is happy again......he can say he went to Grandparent's Night....and he saw and flushed many toilets and gave me the low down on their make, model, how many gallons of water they had and the pressure used to flush them...etc. Here is a clip of him flushing at school......and it is adorable because at the end he was singing a song in the one restroom......something about being in the bathroom at night......it is cute....(The first part the bathroom was really dark.....but it gets better as the clip goes on)

Noah I absolutely adore you!


OH......and a visual for your enjoyment. I bought a frozen turkey at Kroger's yesterday......and it was in the back of my SUV when we went to pick up the kitten from the vet...and when I opened the back of the truck once we arrived...to get the cat carrier out of the side of the truck......when I lifted the back door of the truck up...something came FLYING out of the back and landed about 10 feet from me on the blacktopped drive. It was......THE TURKEY! I got to laughing so hard I about peed my pants! I am thankful it hit the blacktop and not my foot! OR someone else or their pet! If hit in the head it could have killed someone!

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Mom/Grandma said...

Ha!Ha!, that was cute. And if I had known earlier and had made arrangements with Becky, I'm sure her and I would have come up to see his school. I doubt Grandpa would have come along, but Becky could have driven me up, even with the bad knee, it doesn't prevent me from getting around, just makes getting around a little slower.

I'm glad he was all happy and content again. Love you both.