Friday, October 26, 2007

Dear Noah...your sense of humor....

is really developing! Last night while doing your homework you had to use the word "shirt" in a sentence. When writing out the sentence you forgot the "r" thus spelling out - - "shit." You thought this was hilarious......especially when your sentence read "I just had a black shit" instead of "I just had a black shirt!"

ALSO......your final thoughts before falling asleep were these. You had noticed that one of the toilets at the school did not seem to flush as well as the others. You felt it should be replaced....and you asked to take a piece of paper to the school today to tape to the stall door to leave a personal message for the janitor. You wanted your teacher to make sure to tape this message to the stall door. You wanted to say this:

Mr. Janitor: "The slowest primary toilet should be replaced with an American Standard toilet....FAST suction.....Kohler-like, with lower than 35 PSA pressure!"

You were very specific. I had to write it all down before I forgot because to be honest I could not remember all those details!

Today is a HARVEST party of some type in your class. You will celebrate AUTUMN and the HARVEST and get to see a movie and then have a snack the teachers provide. WHAT that snack will be I have no clue. I am hopeful it will include something you are willing to eat as you do not eat the traditional stuff most other kids eat. I have also warned you and told you if they had nothing you could eat or drink......that it would be "no big deal" as you could have something later here at home or a special treat out. I asked the teachers about making up TREAT BAGS to take for your class. I can do them and did make them last night......but they are NOT allowed to have any candy products in there. SO here are our contributions.

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The bags include Halloween pencils and erasers, and plastic crap I hope was not made in China with too high lead content, and some leftover Happy Meal toys we had tons of....still wrapped in their packaging!

When asking about costumes and such...the children are also NOT allowed to wear any costumes......only dress in the proper THEME for the day if desired....which is a FARM theme. WHEN I asked you what you thought that might mean for said you should have MISSING TEETH!!! You informed me that hillbillies always seem to have their front teeth or some teeth missing. I guess you are much more observant than we all probably give you credit! will probably just go in jeans and something very you do not really have anything that would be very farm-like other than that.

Speaking of wrote a letter to the former neighbor girls......which was so adorable. I will have to copy and post it......but it was actually well thought out and you included the phrase that you wanted them to come and see your new products! You got some new writing materials including a dry erase board which you are thrilled with and you always showed them anything new you got and let them try it out. You invited them to come visit and of course ended with how you loved them and lots of X's and O's for kisses and hugs.

You have had trouble keeping your hands to yourself all week. We need to focus on keeping your hands and body to yourself. EVERY time you go through learning stages I wonder how long they will last. It took you forever to get completely potty trained. AND it was very frustrating at times for me. BUT finally at nine years of age you have basically mastered it. Using wet wipes of course as you really do not like to use toilet paper. BUT you are able to do it all yourself. I cannot tell you how long I have waited and hoped for this to occur!

SO the same will apply here. We will keep plugging along and moving forward until you also learn this concept of personal body space and keeping your hands to yourself and not having a "moment" if someone does something as simple as look at you the wrong way, which could potentially cause you to act out. MOST days now however, it would require more than someone looking at you the wrong way to get your back up. SO that is also a good thing. You are learning to distinguish. When I asked you yesterday about an incident where you hit a student because he grabbed the same chair you were trying to grab....when I asked you what you forgot and what you should have easily recited back to me that you forgot to calm down and take your deep breaths and to just let it go. I have explained numerous times that there are some things in life that are simply not worth getting that upset about. Learn to let some of them go....and that it is OKAY for someone else to have the same chair you might want. After is not just YOUR personal chair. Your UN-predictability factor I believe is becoming a bit more predictable...and it will take me some time getting used to that......but what tremendous progress!!

Okay...mommy has to get her butt back to work! I LOVE YOU NOAH WESLEY! To the moon and back again.......forever I will.


OH....and last night the Halloween Parade downtown was not so much a parade. It consisted of ONE police car.....ONE band......and anyone else who was dressed up that wanted to walk behind the police car and the band. That was it. It was over in the blink of an eye and a big disappointment. You were more excited and thrilled to see the traffic lights at night......and had me take movie clips of them flashing and you standing beside them as well as all the air conditioning units outside the buildings. We went store to store to get some treats....and avoided the long lines of people and walked the streets instead with you darting over to a candy station when you saw one you wanted to get some candy from....and blending in with the crowd without officially BUTTING in......and getting your candy and then moving on. It was the perfect night......not too chilly and no rain. VERY fall-like. Here are a couple of photos from that and a movie clip!

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YOU by the traffic light!

Image Hosted by

You by one of EIGHT different air conditioners you saw and filmed last night!

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Patty said...

Did I miss the clip, or hasn't it been posted yet. Looks like he enjoyed himself. A parade like that would have been disappointing, but I think he didn't mind. He got to see things he enjoys looking at. See you guys tomorrow.
Love you both,