Monday, October 01, 2007


Well Noah and I went to the local fruit farm for their fall festival and had a great time. The weather was near perfect and it was pretty windy....which I am sure stirred up some allergies. We walked in the Krazy Korn Maze.........not paying attention to the fact that it was 5 ACRES......Noah got tired of walking after awhile....but I told him he had to keep walking till we made it all the way back OUT of the maze.

They have a lot of activities to do out there......Storybook Forest......swings.....hayrides....train rides.....activities for kids....pumpkin patch.....and a GIANT SLIDE that Noah loves to go down....he even filmed himself coming down. We had a good time.

Afterwards we stopped in to see Grandma C. and the stray cat we are grooming to become more friendly to bring home one day. We call him Tom....or Tommy......or Tom-Kat. Well......Noah and ole Tom played or a long time......a couple of hours I think. They get along very well. However this cat still does not really want to be inside.

WHILE playing with Tom......there was another cat who came up.......a smaller cat that was very lovable and very friendly......and Noah fell in love with him. The cat crawled up into my lap and I also fell for him. Next thing you know I apparently tossed good judgment and sense right out the window as I was driving by myself to get cat litter and litter box last night while Noah stayed behind with the kitten.

NOW........I currently live in a home where I am not allowed to have pets. I have been pet-free since like 1995 so I have to admit I have gotten used to living without pets around anymore. BUT these cats need a home and while I do not wish to end up on the Oprah show with a starring role as a cat lady one day......I really just felt compelled to give these guys a home if I could. SO....I thought about my lease but figured what the heck. WHAT AM I THINKING??????? I have already been looking for a house to hopefully BUY........a big old house would suit us very well......and would be cheaper........and I could give these cats a good home. There is also a dog that I think needs rescued but that is another story.

SO.......I hope my landlord does not read this.....but I have a kitten sitting in my lap as I type right now.......and today he has a vet appointment at 4:00 p.m. Noah loves him and played with him all morning before school.

Speaking of school....this morning when I came down a side street I was behind a big double-wide pickup truck......who was at the stop sign......and rather than pull around the corner to let his child out for school he let his kid get out right there. AND held me and Noah up.......we could not get past him.....I should have pulled around him somehow. As the kid got out Noah said it was that same kid who has said he hates Noah!

NEXT thing you know this guy is not pulling out.......and the bell for school is ringing and Noah is I honked my horn. The man pulled out part-way......traffic is coming so he decides to back up!!!!!!!!! BACK UP!!!!!!!!! WE WERE THERE!!!!!!!!!! I started blasting my horn......but he backed up anyway and rammed into my grill guard....which he pushed back into the front of my truck. Thank goodness I HAVE that grill guard cause it did what it was supposed to do but still. AND did he stop? NO>>>>>>>>>>>>he pulled forward and out and went slowly down the street.......and then finally stopped at another stop sign where he sat forever......and then finally pulled on. I called the police thinking I needed them there to see what happened.....but there was no real damage to my truck......the bumper guard is a bit closer to the front of the truck I think......but the policeman was able to pull it back out ......and the truck itself looked okay.......MY truck that is. Have no idea about the other guy......he left the scene and never did come back. I am thankful he did not keep coming back. The policeman said he doubted the man even knew he hit me. I said I did not know how he could not.....his truck stopped backing up once he rammed me......and I was blasting on my horn!

SO now with all the excitement and worries of hiding a cat......finding a new place to live soon hopefully.......and someone backing into my truck this morning.....I am fighting off a migraine.

I have to work more than part-time to justify a house payment likely.........this will indeed be a GOD/UNIVERSE THING for all this to fall into place just so.......and hopefully not too far off into the future.

I am not sure what I did was right......but I could not turn this little guy back outside to roam around and who knows what would happen to him. he sweet and so cuddly......he is sleeping on my lap now as I type.

and I will enclose a snippet from Noah's filming of himself coming down the slide......this is his view......from the inside coming down and him running around and doing it again!


Melissa said...

this is audrey and i think that the video was cute and me and my mom are going to brumbaugh fruit farm.

Patty said...

Looks like he was having fun. Yes I heard about the cat last night, when I talked to Mom. I have no idea what might happen if and when the landlord finds out, but I think for now, I would forget the other cat. See how this will work out. Good luck.

Sorry you had such a terrible Monday morning. Don't forget Dancing with the Stars is on tonight, and it's two hours.

Love you both.

Anonymous said...

Brother. It could have been even worse. So in the end I guess it was OK. Except the migraine.

kyra said...

hm. i can't see the video...not sure what it is? my computer? in any case, what a lovely day you had with your sweet boy and i LOVE THE KITTIES! i wish we could have them but my husband is horribly allergic. good luck with finding your new place. i know you will!

i hope the migraine doesn't come on. sorry that guy was so out of it. it's good you have a strong grill!

Daddy said...

Well, I was about to ask if you were going to I know. This will be a good learning tool for Noah.

Noah, you will be a good, lovng pet owner that is for sure. You are so loving that I know that they will not be lackingany love.

Daddy loves you greatly. XXXOOOXXXOOO