Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dear Noah...

Well after 2-1/2 months of school it finally happened. You had to have a bowel movement during school. I was very impressed with how it was handled and you did very well. I won't get into details but there will be no more worries as far as the bathroom goes and I am thrilled about that! I also know you probably won't need to use the bathroom for that reason much if at all ever again....because we have worked hard training your body to learn to go before or after school.....except for peeing of course. This has worked very well!

You have had a couple of issues keeping your hands to yourself at school this week. I know you are not the only child with this have to learn you cannot do this. You have the best parapro ever....she really adores you and pretty much does for you exactly the same things I would do. SO this is ideal! What we all dream about and hope for. Definitely an answer to prayer! This affords me a lot of relief while you are at school each day!

We had a great time at your cousin's Halloween party this past Saturday. You got to test out your M&M race car driver costume! Here is a shot of that:

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AND tonight in town they will have a Halloween parade.......followed by blocking off of the main street in town and allowing kids under 12 to go merchant to merchant to get treats! This is a great way to walk/visit our entire downtown area which we have been wanting to order to see all the shops down there....and I know you will enjoy it. We got rained out last year so hopefully this year you can actually do it! THEN Sunday during the afternoon is regular Trick Or Treat time in town...and then Sunday evening a local church has an event. AND Saturday is a birthday party for your grandma and grandpa! SO lots of activities coming up!

For now I need to get back to work. FALL is definitely here now and I took you for a walk in our local park after school the other day and we found some glorious colored leaves! You have really been enjoying the cat.

Every day when I look at you....and see you growing up and changing....I stand amazed and am quickly reminded of just how much progress you have made and are continuing to make each day! Your writing is coming along very nicely! You are getting faster at longer complaining about tired hands or aching fingers. You can quickly do your homework and are getting mostly A's on your work in class. You even chose to write a letter to the neighbor girls who used to live next door! You are able to come up with your own words and sentences.....very impressive!

In case you did not know......I love you. Very much.



Anonymous said...

I noticed how much he has change since when I was looking at these photos. Noah is growing up.

Grandma said...

WOW, Noah, good for you. I knew you could handle everything quite nicely if and when you had to and it sounds like you did a really super job. Grandma is very proud of you. Keep up the good work. See you saturday. Love you to the moon and back and then some more.
Love, Grandma and Grandpa

Melissa said...

Great job on using the bathroom at school. I'll be honest, I don't like to have to have a bowel movement at work!

Your racing outfit looked great at the party, and it sounds like a lot of fun will be had going to the stores to get candy! Have a great time!

Audrey and I love you guys!