Friday, October 12, 2007

Dear Noah...

You have continued to do pretty well at school. Today you have NO school. It is a teacher's in-house work day or something like that I think. You are excited to have a 3-day weekend!

I just read about another 14-year-old arrested for planning an attack to open fire at his school. I think those stories just make us all so sick to our stomachs! It certainly makes us feel vulnerable and not safe at all and we worry about our children like you even being IN a public school......especially coming from a safe home-schooling environment. While I know having you GO to public school now was the correct move for still bothers me a bit...especially when I read these horrific stories in the news!

I love you Noah. VERY much.



Grandma said...

Yea, Noah, a three day week-end. You'll have lots of time to play with your computer and trains. I bet the cat will love to watch the train go around the room. Have a fun day and let Mommy get her work done on her computer. Love you bushels and bushels.

KC's Blog said...

I agree Melinda. I worry everyday that something like this will happen in elementary school.
At Big Brother's school they actually look the doors behind them after classes start. He's in a private school, I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not. At K.C.'s school they don't lock the doors which surprises me cause they know how K.C. can escape in two seconds. We just gotta pray each and everyday for their safety. It's a real shmae that we have to even think about guns in schools. I wish things were different.
Hope you and Noah are well :)