Thursday, November 09, 2006

some additional links

ALSO ....don't forget...your local public home school will be able to provide you with a list of what subjects your child should be learning dependent on their age and grade. They sometimes also offer free online helps and aids for homeschooling parents to use as resources. I take advantage of those!

For occupational needs and sensory integration needs you can do from home here are a couple of additional links:

and therapy tools:


KC's Mommy said...

Thanks for the excellent information Melinda! I know there are many many Parents out there who are in need of homeschooling information.
Noah is incredible, you have done an excellent job teaching him at home:)

kyra said...

yes! i second that, melinda! you are doing an incredible job with noah. thanks for all those wonderful links. homeschooling has been great for us, so far!

Melinda said...

thank you very much! You are both super moms too!