Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dear Noah:

Saturday night is the Lighted Holiday Horse Parade......sounds like it will be a blast...we are going......your cousin Audrey and a couple of aunties might also be there...should be fun. Hope we can get a great place to sit......and I can take some sort of pictures. Unfortunately my camera that I did have to take movies too are now broken....sigh.

anyway.......you said you did not want to see Santa who is coming in the parade.....because "I am not done with my Christmas list yet!"

okay then.

love you

mommy :X

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Moi ;) said...

You are getting this post in lieu of an email (you don't have an email listed anywhere on your blog) because you are a member of the RingSurf Autism Bloggers WebRing, and there is a problem with the RingSurf code in your blog. Click on every link and make sure it goes to where it's supposed to go. If you can't get it to work, please let me know. I will resend you the code, and you can place it **exactly as I send it** into your template.

Please check your blog to see that the code is correct, and that the size of the box fits into your template/sidebar. If it does not, please use the Text style instead. You may not put the code as a separate web page. That will break the Ring. Please don't cut any categories from the code.

If the problem isn't resolved within the next two weeks, I am going to have to remove your blog from the ring! Every broken link breaks the chain. We don't want to lose anyone! Thanks for your cooperation!