Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dear Noah:

You are getting into homeschooling now that we picked it up again after the holidays. You are soaking things up like a GIANT sponge and cannot seem to get enough! I am teaching you and working with you......hope we can accomplish a lot!

i love you

last night you could not fall asleep. You wanted to sleep in my bed. I of course said I had to work and we worked so hard to get you to finally sleep in your own bed. You then asked for "COMPANY" in your bed. "REAL" company. I said you had all your buddies in bed with you....but you said "yes but they are not real!" "I want you to come sleep with 3:30 when you are done working you need to come into my bed and sleep with me."

I told you when I got done working at 3:30 or 4:00 a.m. I would check on you..........but to go to sleep. THANKFULLY you rolled over and fell asleep.

I feel sad for you during nights like that. Course there is also no REAL company in my bed either! hahahaah...and if I go back to allowing you to sleep with me in my bed.......I think we would never make a cut off age.......and you would think it okay to still be sleeping with me at 12 or something. Course then again maybe you would not want to....

There is something to say for the comfort one feels and security when having someone share their bed to sleep together. SO I understand how you feel. I just wish I could make you feel better in your own bed by yourself. FOR the most part you actually do very well......and probably did much better at adapting than I did.

I will miss snuggling up beside you forever. That is why I wrote this poem about it a long time ago......

Lying Here Beside You

Lying here beside you, listening to your breathing
Watching as you snuggle close, wondering what you're dreaming
Treasuring every second in time, the clock has ticked away
Now I find I'm looking back and wishing we could stay
In this special moment, forever two as one
In this special bond, between a mother and her son

Wondering where the time has went and admiring how you've grown
Wondering if my memories will fill me up till I have known
A thousand lifetimes on this earth all filled with memories of you
A thousand moments caught in time all thoughts of me with you

Will I be able to recall sounds of your laughter and your tears
your joys and your sorrows, your dreams and your fears
Will I be able to see your face in my feeble senseless mind
I can only pray for this, but time will tell if it is kind

So meanwhile I savor every moment, every second I have with you
Every breath that we take together, every moment, just us two.

Melinda A. Napoletano

Copyright ©2006 Melinda A. Napoletano

i will love you forever noah

mommy :X


KC's Mommy said...

Beautiful Melinda (sigh)

Melinda said...

thank you! and thanks for being so good to visit me on a regular basis. I am not always as good about making it around!