Sunday, November 26, 2006

Noah's Progress

"At first I was excited, then happy, then I felt proud, and then I went back to normal, and in the end I was sad."

This is HUGE for it took me nearly 2 years for him to LEARN emotions and what they mean and how they LOOK on someone's face etc. He had no clue what HAPPY or SAD meant let alone how they took at least 2 years of prompting and looking at lots of emotion pictures and using them before he caught on and he still occasionally misreads things.

BUT to then take those and COMMUNICATE to me how he feels about something is taking things a step further. FINALLY at almost 8 years old he is able to do it and he does it pretty well.....though sometimes he still wants to act out instead of using his words to express how he feels about something. I have noticed more lately he will express instead how he feels with his words...which is HUGE progress for him.

I found what he said about how he felt at the end of Thanksgiving Day was pretty amazing coming from him. I had asked him what he thought about our party that day and having everyone over...etc. I guess it ended with him feeling sad because everyone had to go home and he would have preferred they all stayed.

Anyway......just wanted to share that :sledding: (I love this kid sledding)

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KC's Mommy said...

Sledding wow that sounds like total fun! I wish I could take the boys sledding but we live in Arizona and it's a darn desert :(