Monday, September 04, 2006

Dear Noah

so came in yesterday morning.....woke me up saying......"mommy...I have great news....this tooth is about ready to fall out!"

I am so thankful. Right now your front teeth look a mess! Your bottom front teeth came in before the baby teeth fell out. FINALLY those fell out and the bottom front new teeth moved into their proper positions. Then you lost a bottom side tooth by the bottom front teeth. Then your front top teeth started coming in also again before your baby teeth fell out. Right now the old teeth are working their way down and out and becoming loose because those new front teeth need the space. I have been asking you to sit and WIGGLE them with your fingers when you are sitting around. SOMETHING...anything. They have to come out as right now your new front teeth are almost like bucked teeth.....not in the proper position at all!

PLUS this makes keeping those front teeth clean extremely they are tender...your gums are tender and it bothers you to brush around those loose teeth...and the old teeth and the new bottom teeth look pretty cruddy!

I am hoping and praying all the loose ones come out soon so we can start cleaning and brushing properly again!

Beautiful weather the past few days. We went to visit your grandma C. on Saturday night and your aunt Angela, uncle Gary and cousin Alex last night. She fixed a good meal for us all and we had a great visit. Always do there.

Today is Labor day and even though it is a holiday you did so some school work with daddy online. SO that is good. You did accomplish some speech therapy and social studies. AND some spelling. Reading you have done today. I want to start a giant review of last year this week to see what all you have remembered from last year before we go forward.

We have a hummingbird feeder outside the back kitchen window. What a treat to see the little guy fly up several times a day to drink the sweet nectar.

Well......I have so much to do. I love are SOOOOOOO into traffic lights and pedestrian lights right now. You said you wanted Santa to bring you an ENTIRE COLLECTION of traffic lights for Christmas.

later gator!


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