Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dear Noah........there are over 10,000 minor planets in the solar system......

and I want to study them all!

THAT is what you told me last night before you went to bed. You have been spending HOURS online ...studying planets and asteroids..stars......but are very intrigued now with planets and their moons. You have discovered there are over 216,000 (YES THOUSANDS) of MINOR planets in the solar system and you have decided you are going to go through each one online. I have NO doubt you will do this. You are already into the 100s and just began the BIG list last night. We have decided to incorporate this in school and have you do projects connected with this. Astronomy.....yes..I have 2 big telescopes we can look at planets can do book reports and we can take field trips.

Right now though you have blocked off Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays as days you will do this STUDYING of the minor planets online with ME. I have told you I cannot just sit in your room for hours day after day all the time to review these planets with you...but I CAN devote some hours each of those days...or some of my time yes.

I am thrilled to see you adding in something new to your list of things you love to study over and over for hours on end.

I saw a trailer for a new movie coming out called "Adam" and it reminded me of you now....since you are also so much into planets and the solar system......etc. You still bring with you all the other things you have always been interested in forever....your love of trains....roads and maps.....traffic signs..elevators.....escalators.....your plans to build a TIME MACHINE.....etc. REAL estate and house plans. Let's not forget those....BUT..right now you are very much into doing research online about all sorts of subjects. I AM SO happy about this. I am an information junkie myself and also love to research things. This will be good for you with school and in your life. is a preview of the new movie coming out about a young man with Asperger's in an apartment complex...and his relationship that develops when a young woman moves into the building.

Meanwhile Noah you are awaiting my return to your room to move to planet number 100 I better get in there.

I love you Noah!



Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Funny, Nigel also has plans to build a time machine - has talked about it for a long time, and I know of others with autism who are really into time machines. Interesting!

drama mama said...

I hadn't caught up with you for awhile...your boy has grown up soooo much!