Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dear is plugging along.......

Today was a bit of a hiccup day due to my weird work schedule..but we still squeezed in some science and music. Hopefully tomorrow will go better.

We stopped at our local Goodwill the other night and were in the book section. You saw a bunch of romance novels and came up to me and pulled my head down close and whispered in my ear "they have a bunch of those romance novels day I want to get the entire series!" I asked you if you had ever read any or were interested in reading them. You said apparently are really only interested now in the they always show a man and a woman in a semi-racy scene. are all boy! are doing pretty well.

I love you!



Patty said...

Good luck with the new school year. Hope all runs smoothly for you both. Love to each of you.

KC's Blog said...

Yep, all boy! He's just too cute!

I'm terrified of the day the B.B. and KC's hormones kick in. Adam is coping well but in the beginning my Mom used to say it wasn't easy. I remember her saying when he turned 12 he did a 360. Do you think our boys will be o.k.? I am scared because I've heard so many stories of Autistic boys becoming very aggressive at puberty. I have no plan in place. Just scared is all.