Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dear Noah..........not too much new news to report.....

and for once maybe that is good!

You will have the same special intervention teacher this year via Ohio Virtual Academy so I was happy about that. You will get a new general education teacher. I am still trying to get all the stuff ready for you here at home....hoping to finish this weekend as school officially begins on MONDAY!

Your therapies all begin next week....seems like we barely had a break.

I am tired tonight. Had a million things to write about but this week I have been tired and not kept up with the thoughts of the days as they passed. AND then unless you write them down somewhere least with my brain these days.....I forget them!

You did finally want me to get the last roll of Pillsbury Gingerbread cookies out of the freezer to make for you. Needless to say today has basically been a COOKIE day for you as you have only wanted that for most of your meals.

You are out of tater tots go through at least 2 bags per week now....sometimes more. ONLY ORE IDA brand will do. AND when you eat will have them sometimes for EVERY MEAL.

Your getting sores in your mouth again which makes teeth brushing your mouth is sore. AND tater tots don't seem to bother it so much. You still have loose teeth in your mouth that will have to come out soon. OR else the dentist will pull them next time you go which is in September I believe.

Well I need to lie down.

I love you Noah!


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Patty said...

Yes, it seems this summer has gone way too fast. Audrey starts back next Thursday the 20th. I can remember when school always started the day after Labor Day, but not anymore.

We had lunch at Judi and Bruce Frymans on Tuesday. Her daughter called, Michelle, and asked her Mom to ask if we had a daughter named Melinda. She said she use to work with you in the bakery at McMaken's.

Also while grocery shopping yesterday, I ran into Cindy Osborne's Mom and we talked for a few minutes at the check out. She said Cindy is in Pittsburgh now and recently became a Grandma. I told her I thought you two still kept in touch, but I would tell you anyway.

Love you both.