Friday, August 21, 2009

Dear Anonymous........

Just for your FYI Noah DOES sleep in his own room and in his own bed and has since he was very young. Not sure where you get the idea he continues to sleep with me in my room...because he does not.

I do let him occasionally have sleepovers in my he has no one else to currently have a sleepover with and this pacifies him. It is a simple sleepover. Don't try to Michael Jacksonalize it into something more than it is.

While Noah is "physically" able to do a lot of things such as staying up late....his "emotional" maturity level is much younger than his 10 years of age. He has historically been about 3-4 years or more behind his peers emotionally...though I believe he is slowly catching up.

Not sure why I feel it is necessary to actually waste my time EXPLAINING this to someone who continually wants to post comments here only as ANONYMOUS........but there you go. That is the story.

I have no apron strings with Noah. I am more protective of him in many areas because Noah is still too oblivious to know sometimes when he needs to be wary.

Otherwise...Noah cut any apron strings a long time ago and could care less if he were with me or probably most anyone else as long as he was having fun. ALL part of his autism....and HENCE MY being more protective and concerned about him than other kids perhaps his age....not taking into account his emotional status.

From all your prior postings sound like one unhappy person and I am sorry you are so miserable that you find it necessary to try to drag everyone else you see around or elsewhere...down into the pits alongside you.

If I choose to allow Noah to have an occasional sleepover for long as he is not like 16 years old or what. It is my business and his and not yours. Sure go ahead and form your sick twisted opinions. There are so many like you filling up our world today...trying to drive out the last bit of innocence remaining and fill it with perversion.


Anonymous said...

I let both of my boys have sleepovers with me and my husband now and again-they are 9 and 10. we do it in our bed, or in a tent if camping. what is the big deal? we are all just a big happy lovey family. my apron strings will be cut when they are 18 and ready to move out of the house. I am a proud Italian mama and people here in the states are WAY too hung up on this stuff. it is only because here in this country people have enough money to have so many bedrooms!


Patty said...

I wouldn't even waste my time on someone that signs something anonymous. They don't even have the guts to sign it, I wouldn't waste my time with them. First off, they don't have to read your blog, but apparently they chose to do so. If they don't have anything nice to say, then in my opinion they shouldn't say anything at all. And you have every right not to post their comment, but I also wouldn't waste my time with that person, because they are getting a reaction from you and that's what those kind like to do, get a reaction and stir up problems.

On to a more pleasant subject. Are you going to the fair? They say the next couple of days is suppose to be pretty nice. If we knew we could park someplace really close, so your Dad didn't have to walk so far, we might have considered it, then just sit someplace and watch the crowd. But if that's the case, I can sit in my backyard or garage and watch the traffic go up the street. LOL Love you both

And don't give that a**hole the satisfaction of getting you all worked up.

Lora said...

I have not read your blog since its inception but have read it long enough to know that you are a mentally/emotionally healthy mom who loves her child immensely. There are so many people out there so quick to judge so pay them no attention, they are not worth your time.

Griffin occasionally slips into my bed in the middle of the night but so what! He is only 7 and I am sure that he will out grow it long before I am ready to stop snuggling with him.

Hugs from your friends!

Jack and Joann said...

Just read your latest post and the comments. Listen to Patty, your Mom, she has the best advice. Don't waste your precious time or your son's precious time with you on someone who needs to just get a reaction out of you. That type of person is sick, sick, sick!

Take in the Great Darke County Fair and enjoy your family and give Anonymous the cold, cold shoulder from now.

Jodi said...

As a single mom of a 12 year old son with Asperger's,I can say,Melinda..this is what our pediatrician told me when Isaac was 2....
Don't worry about what the Smith's are doing down the street,or what the Jone's are doing next door.YOU DO WHATEVER KEEPS THE PEACE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD :)