Sunday, August 09, 2009

Dear will be starting again soon..where did the summer go???? much for my plans of making a schedule to continue working on some school stuff this summer and doing some field trips..etc. I still don't even have the office/school room area complete. It is probably 98% but I need to finish it before school starts. THAT means using the rest of my days off and free time wisely and getting a lot done! BUT sometimes when it comes time to doing all these things I just apparently don't get in the mood. No matter now..mood or not....I have to do it!

I want to start refreshing school stuff with you next week. You officially start again on August 17th! I want to have some things finished ahead of time as you will probably want to miss some school the week of the fair. AND you are still hoping your dad comes in for a trip to visit you about that same time.

You have been doing well. Our summer has been very nice weather-wise....and I have really enjoyed it! You have gone swimming and played with your cousin Audrey and spent time at grandma's house. We have done things here at home...and have taken a few mini trips. I cannot say however we worked on any school stuff or occupational therapy or speech therapy during the summer like we should have. SO next week before the schedule begins all over again...I want to do that.

This means sitting down and making time to make schedules and lists and plan...making goals....etc.

Otherwise you have been doing pretty well. You have stayed up way too late the last couple of nights and if we go to the drive in tonight you will be staying up late again!

You are all boy and really becoming more "aware" of girls and their bodies......I seem to be a pain in your butt more than not. I was hoping that would never become the case, but I think it is also sort of normal.

I had a dream about you last night...becoming very successful doing something like being an architect or engineer....I cannot remember all the details now. It was interesting though.

I need to get off here and get some things done. I love you Noah! Here is a picture of you and your cousin Audrey together on our trip last week to Indiana. She had come to spend the day with us and we took a trip to Indiana...then back home to play for a few hours before taking her back home. I thought it was especially cute as you called your first pose "ROMANCE" kept saying you wanted to show a little you were wanting to sit close to Audrey and hug are so cute. You and Audrey often play like you are husband and wife....yes you will play house with her and you both use her baby dolls as your kids. One time you were both VAMPIRE parents and you had vampire babies!

well...I need to start working on those schedules! I love you Noah!



Betsy said...

The summer did FLY by, didn't it? I had grand thoughts of things I was going to do with our boys...academic type things to keep their minds engaged. Did I do it? No...not a single thing. Too late to feel guilty will start here in a couple of weeks! But maybe the relaxed summer was good for all...the school year is packed to the minute with all those things. It will all start soon enough!

Patty said...

How cute. Vampire parents huh. That's different. Nice they can both play and pretend.

Yes, summer went fast, I think for everyone. Becky's Fridays off are over, and I think we got to Mom's once or perhaps twice. She was always getting things ready for visitors to spend the week-end. Sometimes I think, deep down, she enjoyed the confusion and noise, once she shut down her hearing aids. LOL I'm sure she could have done without the big dog visitor, but he was part of that family that visited. I also think once this newness wears off, the last visitor she has so often, won't be stopping in that often. He didn't after Dad died, well actually he didn't too much before Dad died. But it was like they didn't have time, and Mom was on her own. Now the shoe's on the other foot, and she's expected to be there when ever he calls. You know what I'm talking about.

By the way, Bob and Madelyn next door had a visitor this past week, stayed several days. It was Bob's sister from SC, Madelyn said Judy doesn't drive anymore, but her autistic son drove her up. I never knew they had a son.

Love you both.