Tuesday, November 18, 2008

AND THE WINNER of the QCHARM give-a-way is...........

Danielle from Indiana! I will send you an email to find out where you would like me to mail it to you. I hope this works out well for your daughter!

Around here we have been busy. It has been snowing off and on...and has been super cold outside. I was informed today that because Noah was still not "officially" enrolled at Ohio Virtual Academy yet he somehow is still on the role count at his prior school....and this means he could be considered TRUANT. After a lot of nonsense I finally got that all worked out...and we OVA and I rewrite his IEP tomorrow. We worked on it today...the rough draft should be here for me to preview yet tonight. I spoke with his new intervention specialist on the phone today. Even though she is new and does not really understand all she is doing yet she seems eager. She apologized for not calling me back immediately after they received all the paperwork for Noah from the school and myself.

Anyway.....we have continued to work on only minimal things here. SO Noah is enjoying his free time he does have right now when he has it.

Not much else going on. I think that is actually a good thing for once.

I love you Noah!



Jack and Joann said...

Brrrrrrrr....it looks cold in Ohio! Noah, have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!
I'm sure this will help "A".She just started riding the "little bus" this week in the morning. With my cancer I'm having a hard time driving much. My son goes to the integrated preschool but he is a typical child and doesn't qualify for bus services. This bracelt/charms will at least allow her to communicate with the aide or the driver.Maybe this will help with nana too, she is in denial about the whole process.-- Thinks I did something during my pregnancy or something happened to "A"- God happened to her. She was our miracle baby after 4 miscarriages and we went on to suffer 5 more. She is the only child on the bus. We live out of district and the elementry school she goes to is only 20minutes away. This school is the only elelmentry with a lifeskills/special education classroom. It has be a God send. "A" is what her SLT calls an all communicatior-she uses signs, sound board, pictures, some vocalization.

As for the new specialist/coordinatior, this could be a really good thing. When "A" was three, the only option was for her to go into the integrated preschool. My husband and I didn't think she was ready, we weren't ready. We didn't care for the coordinator So we did the testing to come into town (we live out in BFE)for speech services only. The coordination we started with shouldn't be with kids or advocating for kids. She moved on and a lovely woman filled her spot. When the new meet the experienced IEP parents you can be an advocate for all and explain and show her how to do her job so everyone is happy. Sorry this got so long.
Where in Ohio do live? WE are closes to Ft. Wayne IN.
Thank you again and I'll let you know how it works for "A"

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Was the snow photo the snow you got the other day? We didn't get that much, thank goodness. Not sure when the buses will start running again.

Melinda said...

yes mom it was from up here!

Jack and Joann it is SUPER COLD!!!!!!!

Danielle...QCHARM will be coming your way soon! I am so thankful someone can use it!

Betsy said...

Congrats to Danielle and daughter! :)