Monday, November 24, 2008

Dear Noah......Ohio Virtual Academy....

well...I have not been too impressed yet with the way they handle (or don't handle) your enrollment and getting you registered to access their online school. I am trying to give them the benefit of the doubt and think that with all the kids registering.....going into a holiday..etc....things might get overlooked. BUT you know what? Things regarding YOU get overlooked a lot and I am not going to put up with it from anyone any further! That is NO excuse...each child's needs ...need to be addressed and not written down on paper and the paper shuffled underneath a stack of other papers....all to be overlooked.

YOU were "officially enrolled" as of November 19th.....but we still have NO access to the online school because someone DROPPED THE BALL again and did not APPROVE you. They have dropped the ball twice so far....first when they failed to have the intervention specialist contact us to rewrite the IEP...which delayed you getting approved. NOW this....not following through on all ends with that information to get you "officially approved" so you could access online school stuff.

This ticks me off....but I am trying to look past these errors and focus on the bigger goals and hoping and praying this will all work out well in the end.

Time will tell. Meanwhile we will do a few things on our own.....still....but if the ball gets dropped again I would be very tempted to just homeschool you entirely on my own then again or find another school source for you. The problem is this can all eat up precious time.

We cleaned up your bedroom last night. You have such a small room and a QUEEN sized bed in there which takes up a lot of we don't have much to work with. I figured we could get in there and reorganize and sweep and dust and we did and it looks so MUCH better!

Today since it is raining outside anyway I will finish reorganizing my office and getting things cleaned off my desk and set up for your school desk..etc. I can only do so much with limited space......NOT enough shelves......or storage. BUT I think we can make it functional. I like living here but am already thinking we may have to find another place to move to come early the rent here is getting too high and to be honest for what I am paying it could be a house payment on a larger house with more space and storage. SO I may have to do something by then...not sure. SO I hesitate to unpack all the boxes I could....because why. I would just have to pack them back up....and find some place to cram the stuff now which we really don't have.

Well...lots to do on this end so I better get to it!

I love you Noah Wesley!



Old Lady Lincoln said...

I hope they get everything straightened out soon. Has to be a real pain. I suppose with the holidays it will make for some slow down. Good luck with the new school. Love you both to the moon and back.

Betsy said...

Yes, I hope they are just having a temporary glich and they will get their act together soon! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!