Friday, November 14, 2008

GIVE-A-WAY!!!! QCHARM........portable visual cuing system for children with autism....

Now, QCHARM, LLC offers an exclusive charm line that uses icons to represent activities, daily items and rewards (just for starters). They use a yellow wristband to support activity/schedule charms and a green band to support positive reinforcement stars. For those who prefer not to wear a wrist band, they offer a key chain version of the band.

QCHARMS offers a fashionable and functional system to assist in connecting with a child who has Autism. If we provide these special children with what they need, we will not limit their ability to express their needs, to prepare for task transition, to anticipate rewards, to learn cause and effect, and to connect with others in their own way.

Some time back I was given a SAMPLE kit from QCHARM to use with Noah...but by the time I got it Noah had already progressed to using PECS and larger visual cues....and he did not want to wear the bracelet or the keychain that is used with the QCHARM system.

I have had it ever since....tucked neatly away.....saving it for what I am not sure. I realize by doing this I have prevented some other child from getting perhaps some much needed help they could not otherwise afford.

SO......since this is the season for GIVING.....I am going to PAY IT FORWARD.....and GIVE this to a reader with a child who could really use this system. To read more about the system go to their website here:


MEANWHILE....anyone interested in having a chance to WIN this gift please leave a comment. I will accept comments for entering this GIVE-A-WAY till MONDAY night at midnight.....November 17, 2008. Then Tuesday we will take all the entries and print onto paper....cut them up and fold them...and I will let Noah draw a winner. I will announce the winner here on Tuesday and then the winner will need to email me with a shipping address so I can ship it to them.

So.....go check out their about it....check it out. If you think it is something your child could use.....leave me a comment!


Betsy said...

We've progressed past the PECS, so we don't need to be in the drawing. But I wanted to say what a neat system this is and it will be exciting to see who wins it! :)

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Sounds like something worthwhile for some child. Hope you get some takers. Called Mom last evening, she said she was talking to you. How do you think Dancing With The Stars has been going?

Anonymous said...

I would like to enter for my daughter, "A". She doesn't have autism, but she has developmental delays, sensonsory issues and seizures. She is non verbal mostly. She has autistic characteristics but we have been told repeatedly that it isn't autism. We use some of the same therapies I found your site thru Austim,Blessing, Challenges the abc's...or maybe kristi's other blog. If we aren't elgible for the drawing I totally understand.
Take care and keep up the good work with Noah.
Danielle (IN)

Melinda said...

no you are can be used for any child that this system would be beneficial for!

Wanda said...

You are being an "angel of love"

I think this is wonderful.