Friday, March 07, 2008

Noah.......a NEW F-word......

You had a difficult day in school yesterday. There were too many changes in your routine and the weather power outages and all the ice and limbs down still had you worried and I guess you talked about it almost non-stop at school. One of your teachers was not there on her normal schedule and just all these little things added up to sort of set you over your edge.

I guess in your homeroom you started falling OUT of your chair on purpose over and over so the teacher finally told you to move your tag from the green zone to the yellow zone. WHICH you did......but you then STOMPED your way back to the chair where you apparently then dropped to the floor ......had a BIG hissy fit......all the while saying the F-WORD!!!!!!!!

SO your one teacher since she heard this decided to take you aside.....(she is your special helper teacher).....and she told you she was going to give you a NEW F-word to use at school. SO.......your NEW F-word you can use at school is FIDDLESTICKS!

When I picked you up I found out about all then you were very calm yet hyper.....and excitable. I had things in the car ready to go see Grandma C. and you yelled that cookies and milk were NOT going to be enough to hold you over because you were STARVING! Maybe you are playing catch up from not eating much with the pneumonia or are going through a growth spurt....but you cannot seem to eat enough the last few days.

We had wonderful visit at grandma C.'s and you had determined ahead of time we needed to stay until 7;30 because you wanted to watch WHEEL OF FORTUNE and that is when I found out you think Vanna White is "HOT!" said you had watched some video clips of Wheel Of Fortune on You Tube and you saw Vanna and she was HOT! You also saw her back in 1985 on a clip and you said she was MUCH younger then but still very hot!

When I asked you if you know what HOT meant you said "I don't know" even though you sounded like you knew because you used it appropriately in the sentences you were saying and with MUCH enthusiasm. I explained then what HOT meant and you just smiled....REALLY BIG.. When I asked "so you really like Vanna White then huh?" " and think she is really pretty even now?" first you tried to deny it but then said, "well ...okay yeah." AND hid your face under a pillow.

Another crush big time! You seemed surprised I KNEW her last name too.

You are something. Such a cutie.

I love you! I have a meeting with your teachers today....go over some IEP issues and classroom concerns I had. Today is "wear your favorite hat to school day" in honor of the Cat In the Hat reading week celebration they are doing at your school. SO I imagine you will choose your Domino's pizza ball cap. Hope you don't lose it!

We have a dual birthday party to go to Sunday....but we are also under a winter storm warning with up to 10 inches of snow expected and 2 foot drifts! So we will see I guess how the weather holds out. We just recovered from a severe ice storm and the area looks like a tornado went through with all the trees, power lines and branches everywhere. ENTIRE TREES broken off..down to the roots....HUGE is unreal.

ANYway you are keeping the daily countdown for the parties....I would hate to think we won't be able to go or they will have to postpone it due to weather!

I love you my little man...


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Anonymous said...

Boy. What a day it must have been, Noah. Glad that got over and today is a new one for you.