Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dear Noah: You are feeling better....



You have had a rough time of it lately.  I took you back to the ER/After Hours Clinic and you had no fever but swollen neck glands.  Throat was fine....chest was clear....but the chest x-ray looked the same as before.  However the radiologist felt the chest x-ray was normal...while the doctor thought it had bilateral early infiltrates.  So if the doctor is correct then the chest x-ray is still the same, one would have to believe you have not yet completely cleared the pneumonia.   You have nose/sinus issues so they put you on a 10-day antibiotic course....a different kind.   As of yesterday 2 days into the course I could tell you were feeling better.  You were staying home per their instructions and as the day progressed  you became more yourself. 

Today you go back to school.  This was to be Spring break the week you had off from school but because of all the snow days, you will have to make them up so you all have to attend school this week.  NOW they even added GOOD FRIDAY back to the list of days you have to attend.  I think that is pretty crappy.....and now I find out they will allow the students to go home 2 hours early on that day.   Hum.......

Otherwise the birthday parties on Sunday we attended for your cousin and aunt went very well and we all had a great time. I think part of the reason you were so worn out on Monday was all the over-stimulation from Sunday. 

Anyway....I have to get back to work right now.  You are still sleeping....and I love you!  By the were a trip in the ER.....talking very maturely to the doctor and describing your symptoms yourself....more later.

Love you! 



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Casdok said...

Hope you have a lovely first day back at school!