Monday, March 31, 2008

Dear Noah....trip to Versailles....

We took a trip to Versailles on Sunday to check out some houses and the village/city itself......and we fell in love with it.  While there you also pointed out all the train crossings and signals so we went "rail fanning" as you all call it.  I took many photos of the train crossings and lights and BELLS and signals and you posing with the train crossings... but at the very FIRST crossing signal we went to after taking your picture you thought you heard or saw a train coming and sure DID!  You said it was an EXCITING DAY and were so happy you were SO UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL to see and hear the train and see the signal crossing gates come down and the bell clang.   Here is one of many photographs taken from yesterday....we ended the day at your aunt Melissa's house where you got your fill of their Sonic the Hedgehog game.....where you also ended up with a headache...again looked very pale.......withdrawn...all signs of over-stimulation home we went.   I let you stay home today from school to RECOVER.....and next will be a trip out for lunch at Fazoli's.  Right now you are busy making movies in your room using Windows Movie Maker.   I received an e-mail message back from your principal.....and I sent some e-mails back.  We are to meet for an IEP meeting on April 8....she allotted an entire 30 minutes to our meeting...which I propose will never be long enough and of course she scheduled it for when I pick you UP from school which means you will be present during that time.  I believe that was done on purpose.  I am going to prepare an itemized LIST of the things we need to address in the meeting AHEAD of time and express my concerns for sufficient time to discuss these issues and they better NOT try to come back and tell me they do NOT have the time to go over all these issues.  They MUST MAKE the time then.   BUT enough of that for now.......the ongoing FIGHT to get APPROPRIATE things in place for you to learn not only academically but socially continues.  I guess it never will go away or get any easier.....although I do become smarter and learn more ways of how to handle these things.  Here you are.....on one of your BEST days ever!  (you also got a souvenir Sunday when you found an old piece of a red light from one of the RR crossing were delighted!  I love you very much!






Casdok said...

Great that you had an exciting trip out!
Half an hour for an IEP?! That is ridiculous! Good that you are making a lsit.
Im sure you will have many more battles, some times it seems endless, but you do as you say get better at handling them.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Looks and sounds like you had an excellant day, both of you. Love you both.