Monday, March 10, 2008

Dear Noah......I am not so sure I am doing the right thing for you education-wise by letting you go to a public school and not homeschool you....

I am not a big fan of some STATE mandated tests......especially for a child with autism.....however.....Noah has taken some since starting a public school and was ABOVE his the fall of 2007 at which time he scored 412....which was only 3 points less than being at the ACCELERATED level. STATEWIDE.

They are gearing up for another Ohio Achievement test.....and he did the same READING achievement test again.....he got a D- this time??????????????
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I am soooooo pissed off.....My conference with the teachers has been postponed till March 17 because of the weather last Friday. I cannot wait to get my ass in there and demand to know WHAT the hell is happening here?

I mean holy shit......obviously HELLO something is wrong for him to drop that drastically in that period of time? From October till March????????

I honestly do not feel like he is being taught adequately at the school. I think he is learning SOME things but not perhaps in a way he can easily understand. I know for tests too he is supposed to have a SCRIBE.....someone to help him FILL OUT his answers. On this test there were THREE that had NOTHING where he started to fill it out but never finished it. WHERE THE HELL IS THE SCRIBE???????? He has a hard time formulating his thoughts let alone writing them down onto paper!!!!!!! I mean shit......he just learned to write pretty well this year!!!!

I don't want him to fall behind and/or be pussy-footed around with.......and be pushed through the school system to just get him through but he has not learned things....etc. I also don't want him to be perpetually held back year after year when it is not appropriate!

This is a kid who CAN read......but sometimes his comprehension is screwy when it comes to abstract thinking. WHAT are they doing about that if anything? I get the feeling he is just stuck there and expected to follow along and if he cannot....well then either I help him here or he is screwed!

I need to start working with him here at home again. I KNEW I should never have stopped it completely. I am not so sure PUBLIC school will really be the answer for Noah. I can see some positives.....but I don't know still about so many other things.

YES I need to vent. I am pissed. I have been telling the TEACHERS for some time now something is WRONG if he cannot do so well in class.....yet he gets A's in all his subjects????????? even in reading? EXPLAIN the achievement test results then please? I don't get it.

IT IS NEVER going to be a TRUE measurement of what NOAH how do we get around that? They use that freakin' test to decide on whether he goes to grade 4 or needs summer school...etc. IF school is done right with Noah to begin with he can learn so much so fast.......less than HALF a day spent on school work. I also don't want to see everything I worked so hard on with Noah over the years here at be shot to hell and him fall way behind when he was always ahead. I was partially afraid of this type of thing happening if I allowed him to go to a public school because let's be honest. ONE ON ONE is just BETTER than ONE to 20 or 25! The teachers in the public schools do NOT have the extra TIME it takes to make sure Noah learns in the manner befitting him!

I just want to scream!!!!!!!!!!


KC's Blog said...

(hugs) I totally understand your feelings.
It sounds like the school is not doing their job, period!
K.C. regressed alot when he was in school. He is doing so much better at home.
Noah is such a smart young man, you have taught him so much, he is nearly at the accelerated level and to have that drop down to a d on the same test is very alarming. Something is not right with the school/teacher/aide.
I hate that they are making you wait so damn long for a conference. I know you want to get to the bottom of this.
Please keep us posted, we will be saying our prayers for you guys.
Hugs, Tina and Boys

kristi said...

Personally, I think they should test him another way, he is obviously smart! Right now, TC is taking NO TESTS...thank God.

Anonymous said...

standardized testes are just stupid period. what do we have to do in our adult-hood that is ANYthing like a standardized test. I dont pay any attention to them-I could care less what grades my kids get on them. I never tested well-did poorly in school as a result and once I got to college and chose my subjects I did just fine. Ask them to give him a standardized test on toilets! I bet he will do well!!! Or trains! Someone needs to collect some stories, of children who did very poorly in school and turned out to be just fine/successful in their adult lives. I am sick of all of the analyzing that goes on with our kids. Forget the tests-I would be more apt to petition that he does not have to even take them. Just stupid.