Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dear Noah....

You have been doing pretty well lately although you have also been having a lot more episodes of what I would call "an attitude!" I know some of this is your age.....and unfortunately a lot has to do with the other kids you are around during the daytime. I know in our entire lives we cannot always pick and choose who we might have in our living environment or world.....but then again I think yes we can. The reality however is we can control it to a point .....but there will be times you may be around others (what I might call "less desirables") who might talk in appropriate manners and do inappropriate things....all things you have to learn NOT to mimic just because they are doing it and you think certain words might sound funny to repeat (not understanding what some might actually mean), etc. I know this is also all just part of growing up.

Distinguishing KILLING in a PC Game from KILLING and death in real life....the F-word.....being snotty versus showing respect......all things you are learning about now.

I have to admit the job was much easier for me and I was able to mold you more perfectly into being a very nice, well-mannered, polite, loving, respectful child when I homeschooled you. Because I was more easily able to monitor those you were around here at home or in your environment.

We parents of autistic children always get slammed with pressures of our kids needing the SOCIALIZATION aspect of life...and to be honest......homeschooled kids can get great socialization.

I understand one day you will be in the BIG world and it is also best to prepare you in how to handle that type of exposure with those types of people and situations......but sometimes with your emotional level being only around the age of 6......I think 9 years of age with that low emotional level is sometimes too early to try shoving you into the world for exposure in all situations. You just do not really understand many of them.

I know some of you readers out there will say to yourselves that this is something all kids go through and it is part of growing up. I understand that and agree. However with an autistic child they do not so easily grasp the CONCEPTS of these issues. It takes constant repetition of enacting the same situation over and over for them to finally hopefully one day have their lightbulb moment and GET IT....something most neurotypical children grasp much easier and quicker. It seems instinctive for them but not for an autistic child.

So as usual we do have our work cut out for us but I know you will do well. I do constantly wonder however if you would not be doing better homeschooled again than you are now. I don't know. I want a mix sort of in between for you I think.

I love are some recent PC drawings you did of your favorite Sonic the Hedgehog characters.

And as you can tell about the last do NOT understand the concept of KILLING and all it means very well at all. CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE


I love you Noah......



Casdok said...

Yes there is so much to learn.
Brillient drawings!

KC's Blog said...

It is so tough. Autistic kiddos don't grasp things the way NT kids do. We do have to protect them with everything we have.

I think Noah is very talented with his artwork. It is very hard to draw like that with a mouse, I tried he he. Maybe he'll make designs of homes on the computer when he's older. Theres no stopping this young man, he's such a smart guy, he could be anything!

I bet Noah would have a totally funtime if he had an Oekaki board on the computer. Big Brother loves Oekaki!

There is an Oekaki board that Big Brother draws on, I have to really keep an eye on him cause sometimes kids leave mean comments but he loves drawing there!

It's much more fun to just have the Oekaki on the computer. It's wayyyy better than Microsofts paint thingy.