Friday, March 07, 2008

Dear Noah......

it is snowing like crazy here! I have shoveled once but will have to do it again and again to keep ahead of this storm! We are going to get it good! They released you 2 hours early from school because of the snow. The roads were horrible up here already then!

School was on LOCK down I found out earlier this morning because a local BANK WAS ROBBED!! That makes me feel like this small-town atmosphere that is like stepping back into the good ole' days may not be all that innocent and pure after all! I was going to go pick you up early today but then decided to hold off....I doubt I would have gotten in if I had because of the lock down.

You won a CERTIFICATE for a SMOOTHIE from your teacher for being the STUDENT OF THE MONTH for completing the most homework and always on time! amazed me with THIS art work YOU DID all by yourself WITH A MOUSE on YOUR COMPUTER! You wanted to make your own Wheel of Fortune WHEEL but smaller...only 16 wedges you said instead of 24. I did not even know it had 24 wedges but I am not surprised YOU knew this.

SO HERE is your art work which to me is incredible because YOU USED YOUR MOUSE FOR THE ENTIRE THING! Lettering, colors, everything! Using a mouse like that is very very difficult!

Image Hosted by

You are amazing....

and I love you!



Melissa said...

Great drawing Noah, I love all the colors you used!

I heard about the schools being on lock down on the news. I don't know if any of our banks have been robbed, but the one gas station gets robbed a lot because it's right by the interstate.

Congrats too for being Student of the Month...that's a job well done! :)

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Congratulations for being student of the month, getting all of your homework done and everything.

Stay in doors and keep warm, it's nasty outside. Plus your County is on a Level 3 and no one is suppose to be out in their cars unless it's an emergency. We're on a Level 2 right now. Love you to the moon and back.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That is good. I can't do that witha mouse.