Monday, February 26, 2007

Dear Noah...

tonight you come into the room wanted to get a truck.

An Avalanche truck....or something like it you said.

"WHY?" I asked....

you said "so I can get a train horn!"

somewhere you have seen someone with a truck switch the horn out with one that sounds like a train. You think we need to get a truck that has a train you and I can drive around and you honk the horn all the time. You said we could drive out to the country and honk the horn.

You told me you can't wait till you are big enough to get yourself a truck to drive.

So it could have a train horn.

That is all I heard about.....while you cried.....for about 10 minutes.....till I found some samples of train horn sound clips online for you to listen to before bedtime....that made you happy enough......

and tomorrow is another day

i love you

mommy :X


Anonymous said...

Train horns on cars do exist. I think you need to drive down to 127 truck stop and be prepared to lay out a ton of money for a horn for your car or truck that sounds like a freight train about to ram into you. LOL If you go you might not get out of there as it is filled with stuff for truckers or was the last time we stopped there to eat. Years ago.

Daddy said...

Oh My little man. How I love you sooooooo much. It's the little things that matter most to you. We all should take an effort to look at the little things...and see, or in this case, listen to the beauty. I love you my Noah!..And I am so glad that mommy was able to find you Train horn audio clips to listen too.

Love, Daddy

Daddy said...

HI, my liite man. I know how important the little things are to you. You get great delight in and comfort from them. We all need to learn from you that the beauty of your life is what makes you so special. Your mommy was very smart and kind in finding train horn audio clips for you to enjoy.

I love you dearly,

Kylie said...

Beautifully written.

I love Noah's daddy's comments too. :)