Friday, February 09, 2007

Dear Noah:

Click on the Dear Noah to see and hear Noah's song he made up tonight about our plumbing issues...

tonight we had more plumbing problems. Never fails.....a Friday night too. You were in the tub taking a bath....and I did a load of laundry. When that load went to spin out....the water apparently started to back up into the tub via the metal seal up near the faucet.........just GUSHING out.....and also backing up in the toilet....thank goodness it was not sewer water. I am also thankful we had your bath done and had washed and rinsed the shampoo out of your hair.

I got you out of the tub and clothed and called the this time the tub was over half filled. NO amount of plunging was getting us anywhere. The landlord did not seem overly concerned and basically refused to call for a plumber because he did not want to pay for after hours fees. Said MAYBE he and a buddy could make it over in the morning......but it may not be till MONDAY before things were fixed. I asked him what we were supposed to do for a toilet..let alone a shower or anything else. He seemed like he thought the toilet water was still going down......oh yeah...just use it anyway.......let the poopy and pee water back up into the toilet as it drains!

I was so mad. I cannot believe he would not call that an emergency. At the very least he says he has to come out and PLUNGE first...if that does not work THEN he calls a plumber. I finally had to tell him I had to go and I guess it all depended on how much damage he would have to fix later as there was at least 2 inches of water on the floor and it was still coming out all over the place...

SO......I was upset but not cussing or yelling. Well I think I did say "damnit" once because you pointed out to me I had used one of our words we were not going to use anymore. I know you hear me ranting in the background and I normally handle these things pretty calmly so you will also remain calm and learn how to handle things calmly. BUT to be honest this did not sit well with me. I told the landlord I had no time for him to bring his plunger over and me and him to PLUNGE together for a few hours. I had to work, make you cookies and supper, put things away around here....somehow clean things up now, etc. SO maybe he will show up tomorrow with his buddy....likely waking us up well before we have had sufficient sleep since I am having to work again tonight and should have been this afternoon and earlier this evening to begin with.

Instead this at least forced me to clean up a few things around here in case someone comes I did do that. I have a few things to finish in the kitchen and then I will make a pot of coffee and get to work.

BUT......Noah you were walking around the house checking the tub and sinks and toilet.....and then you apparently were recording and singing a song you were making up as you went along. It is a song about all our "problems" here today and how things were going wrong and we are always seeming to get into trouble here and not getting anything done (which I am sure you hear me say and then I self fulfill that prophecy....need to STOP that)...and here is the song......and video of is sooo cute. You sing about wishing we had a half bath in the laundry room......but we would need new pipes below the ground for that....then you talk about us having to move again.......maybe to great grandma's house ...or another place.....or back to COLORAAAAADO. SO cute. I got to laughing which you heard and that is the only reason you stopped....I wish I could have kept it in as you were coming up with some amazingly unique on the spot lyrics! So here it is...I know the audio is not the actually sounds better through headphones...

Mommy loves you lots Noah......:X


Lynanne said...

I don't know the laws in your state but most places require landlords to provide working toilets. (for the sake of public health) You could always call the health department and see what they suggest.

Ugh! I hope he gets it fixed soon

Daddy said...

Great Song Noah! You have such a great melodic voice. Not unlike your mothers. I know that's where you get your talent. ANd so original too.
Love you dearly,