Monday, February 19, 2007

Dear Noah:

Well we went to see this movie today with aunt Melissa and cousin Audrey. The movie was not that great and a bit long and tedious.....not much action. You had a very hard time making it through it but you did. Today you seemed to have a trying day. A little bit of whining and crying at aunt Melissa's......over silly things. BUT I am impressed with how QUICKLY you recover from those events now. SO MUCH more quickly than ever before.

So.....we had a decent day. Plumbing issues still....I took a shower this morning....which means you cannot flush the toilet correctly afterwards for awhile or it will overflow. I cannot believe the landlord thinks that is acceptable.

mommy loves you noah......:X


Daddy said...

Hi, My little man. I am glad that you made it through the movie. I also can understand why you may have been whiney... you did, after all, spend 7 hours on the computer talking and web camming with me on Sunday. I am also very glad that you are beginning to get over some of the small issues that affect you more than others.
Daddy LOVES you very much


Melinda, mom of Noah said...

what is pancake day tony? If you knew us or Noah at all you should know even if there were a "pancake" day we would not be participating in it.