Sunday, February 05, 2006

We Made IT!!!!!!!

We made the drive across unloaded and are now settling into my grandmother's home.

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Noah seems to be settling in very quickly here at grandma's house. He has been very loveable and full of hugs and kisses for grandma is soaking it up as the last few times we had visited he did not want anyone to touch him.

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He loves her antique sleigh bed which he again has picked as HIS bed....

So many things around her home that brings back incredible memories. I thought she had gotten rid of her old button basket we used to play with as kids but I came across it in the room upstairs where we are staying.
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SO many paintings hanging in antique frames all over the house...almost reminds me of those you find in a museum!

She has fixed up a great area for me and Noah to set up our PCs and work areas

all in all it has been a fantastic way to come home once again......and feel calm and peace for a change. The house is so cozy and quiet. We are really enjoying ourselves.

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LynAnne said...

I'm so happy to hear you made it! I didn't think about it until after you already left, but you probably drove right near where I live. Anyhow, it sounds like quite a relief to be back "home." All the best for your new life!