Sunday, February 05, 2006

How the trip went

What can I say. Driving the 22 foot Penske truck was so much fun....including hauling the trailer! I had NO idea I was going to have an escort over half the way there.......that was a bit freaky but in reality also a nice feeling to know someone was covering my backside (so-to-speak). The mover/loaders came and were just what I wanted. TWO young energetic movin/loving men to run up and down the stairs with dollies loaded with my boxes. It only took them 1 1/2 hours to move it all onto the truck. They were excellent and fast! HAD I known however the end result of this move would have cost me the same to have someone else do the entire thing..I WOULD HAVE LET someone else do the entire thing!

Noah had a blast in the big Diesel truck. FUEL however was not cheap. To go 1200 miles I spent at least 400.00 for fuel alone. Another 1200.00 for the truck rental including all the extra insurance fees.....225.00 for the car carrier... and 227.00 for the 2 men movers/loaders. was an experience. Trying to "get away" from the source of problems was difficult as they chose to follow me! For at least the first 800 miles. Then I think they realized they would have to turn around and drive the entire way it ended as abruptly and spontaneously as it all had started.

I unfortunately got into 2 predicaments where I had to back up the trailer even though Penske says NOT to do so. Thank goodness I was able to do so after all as once I had pulled into a lot at a motel that had no way around it......I said OUTLOUD...."I AM FUCKED NOW"....which of course is not how I would usually talk! haha. BUT........I was determined to get the crap out of the lot and back onto the interstate and keep driving so I made up my mind I WOULD back the thing up and get out of the lot and I DID.

A trip driving the truck. CLIMBING IN AND OUT of the truck another HIGH up there in the cab! HEE HEE. Anyway........we had great weather...hit rain then from Illinois on to Ohio.

Got to my storage locker place to rent a locker for my stuff. My sister Becky and Margaret came over to help me get my VUE off the trailer and the trailer off the back of the truck. EASY enough.....raining....all muddy, greasy and dirty black crap all over our hands and coats....but we did it. Decided to try to PUSH the trailer into my locker which had an opening of 104 inches and the trailer at the widest point was just over 102 inches, but we rolled it into the first part of the locker and then could not push the last 4 wheels up over the concrete lip into the locker. SO I got the Diesel back around and backed it up and re-hitched the trailer to the truck and I BACKED UP AGAIN and moved the trailer into the locker. IF ANYONE could have been filming it! I should have let Noah film it as it had to be hilarious...3 strong women trying to move this huge trailer that I believe said weighed over 4000 pounds empty....on a slight least I found out how incredibly strong we all were and that had amazingly stronger legs! hahaahah.. We were all practically doing the horizontal bop with the trailer in the lot.

Back to my grandma's the next day I opened the back of the truck and all my boxes and tubs had fallen down all over..some had anyway......what a mess. I was able to get my PC and a few things out that were not completely buried and upstairs here at my grandma's they came back and installed my high speed internet.....

SEEN quite a few relatives already. Love staying here at grandma's. Always peaceful and quiet and a great way to rest and re-energize. I said I missed the rain and I have gotten plenty of that since driving back...3 States worth and then all last night. Was wonderful to be able to hear it raining and drift off. Noah also is so lovable to mom and grandma and his great uncle Sonny...anyone so far that has come into the house.

Tomorrow if I can MOVE my body I am to meet everyone over at the locker to unload. I am sure once they see the INSIDES of this truck they will all freak and go running as fast as they can! I HOPE to bribe them with a pizza party or something afterwards! Maybe telling my tale would be enough enticement to all to hang around. I have no idea. I am sure I could do an entire week on Oprah.

So unloading day tomorrow...cannot wait to dump the Penske and trailer and be done with that. WILL HIRE MOVERS more than likely any NEXT time I move. No matter even if across the street!

So.....without going into tons of detail...I guess that is a highlight. The trip went well. Noah did great. I arrived in one piece....a bit sore but am here. Some final things to tie up but...........I KNOW it will all get done and work out. It is nice to be in a place where I can let some stress go and get some rest!

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