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Unloading Day-Feb 4-2006

General: Unloading day-February 4, 2006

Sun, Feb 05, 2006 At 08:39 AM

So Saturday the 4th was to be the day everyone came over to my storage locker to help me unload my 22 foot moving truck! My sister Becky and her love Margaret came over........cannot say enough about them both. SO amazing women and willing to do anything for you. Margaret is so cool and I love her so much. She just made me feel so good for the decisions I am making and offered nothing but total support, constant reassurance, and huge amounts of encouragement. She also offered up ALL of her muscle power with moving and unloading and was so QUICK to make some important decisions necessary to help me unload and move that trailer and my car..etc. SO without her and Becky's help I would most likely still be standing at the locker area trying to figure out what I was going to do to get my car off that trailer and the trailer then off my rental truck.

My brother-in-law Gary showed up with his son Alex....asking for nothing in return but there to offer huge amounts of help with hauling the stuff off my truck. MORE MUSCLE power which was great as my arms felt like they were about to fall off!

My sister Melissa came over with Audrey. I was very glad to see her too...and Audrey is such a trip! She is like a 50 year old woman in a 5 year old body! I was so THRILLED she was so wanting to be around me this time.....even eager to hug me and play with me or have me play with her. So we had a lot of fun playing and I even let her play hair stylist with my hair. I was on the sofa at mom and dad's and Audrey was standing behind me brushing my hair. She then grabbed a round brush and apparently got it stuck on the left side of my hair. Becky and Melissa were sitting across from me and once their mouths both dropped open to the floor simultaneously...I asked them "WHAT IS WRONG?" Audrey had grown silent and I figured something had happened. Well the round brush was tangled in my hair really badly. NONE of them could get it out. Audrey then leaned over, patted my arm and said quietly " I think we are just gonna have to let grandma cut this one out!". I got to laughing and said "No way!" or my entire left side of my hair would look like I had stepped out of the Edward Scissorhands movie.

SO I finally got the brush untangled. Dad snapped a few pics of me with Audrey and Noah in my lap. It was a great way to stay warm at mom and dad's house as they had it sooooo cold there with their thermostat and heat turned down. I said I liked it cold in a house but figured I would create STEAM if I peed in their toilet, which to me would mean it was way TOO chilly in the house! I glanced over at mom once and she was sitting in a recliner with her coat on pulled up to her ears saying "the only thing wrong with short hair is the fact that your ears get too cold". I kind of laughed and said I felt then the house was a bit too cold if you could do nothing but try to come up with new ways to stay warm while sitting around all the time. She went and got the space heaters out and we all huddled around it like the last campfire out in no man's land. I asked if she had any marshmallows, Hershey bars and graham crackers so we could roast them and make Smores by the glorious HEAT!!!!!!!!!! Their floor I do believe would be cold enough to freeze water in an ice cube tray (just kidding mom and dad).

BUT the unloading of the truck went well. AND FAST! Only about 1 1/2 hours to unload it all. I enjoyed the comments as they could not believe some of the stuff they pulled out of my truck. AND the quantity. They have all decided they will come to my house for a Christmas wrapping party as I have the most wrapping paper they have seen this side of Wal*Mart. I said sure come on! Amidst the moans and groans of "not more paper" to "you brought canned food??" to "I am starting to get depressed cause I still don't see the front of the truck" ....we all got the job done. AND it was not really that bad after all.

Then Gary and Alex had to leave....even though I was promising Pizzas for all.. They were cold, wet and tired. Becky and Margaret hauled my butt around and got me back to the Penske rental place and then to pick up the pizzas. Had the great visit at mom and dad's house and I finally got to try Melissa's chocolate cake. ALL yummy including the visit (minus frostbit ears and nose).

THEN Becky and Margaret stopped back at the locker to pick up more things I was going to bring to grandma's house for me and Noah. THEN they drove us back up here and helped bring it all in and after grandma about passed out with shock at seeing the stuff they helped me haul it all upstairs! SO again I cannot say enough about their help! Margaret is amazing as is Becky!

SO I took today off.....slept in a bit...was so nice. Grandma's house is so peaceful and quiet. Reminds me of when I was a little girl....the smells, sights and sounds. She has the room all fixed up so nice for me and Noah...and Noah is lovin sleeping in her antique sleigh bed all by himself!

Noah seems extremely happy. SO full of love for everyone and they are all enjoying it. Hugs and kisses to everyone involved and he is a joy. ALL such good home-cooked therapy for him! He has never had these social outlets before on a consistent basis so it is great.

I am still in my pajamas......some pumpkin spice coffee in hand....trying to get some things put away upstairs and make it look more organized. is so great to be back online AND back home again.

I'm feeling: EXCITED!!

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kyra said...

Melinda! how wonderful! what an amazing welcome. i'm so glad you're both there and surrounded by love and support. i can picture little noah in his big sleigh bed!