Monday, February 27, 2006

Dear Noah: Sunday Feb. 26, 2006

So we had a lot of company this past weekend at my grandmother's house. Noah loves it but also tends to get a bit over-stimulated and excited. When this happens he will come into the room with everyone else and sometimes walk around in around in place and flap his hands....or rush over to people and push up against them....and even walk around kissing them all. For example yesterday when mom and dad came over...he walked up to his grandpa and kissed him on the knee..then he walked to my grandma his great-grandma and kissed her on the knee...and then his grandma (my mom) and then me. AND then himself. He seems to be craving human contact and social interaction from others so much....he is always wanting to go up to everyone and climb all over them and plaster hugs and kisses on them. He loves going up and taking the other person's face in his hands and really LOOKING at them and feeling them. Almost like what a blind person does.
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Then more hugs and kisses and love love love pouring out from him to everyone else. Then there is usually more drama when company LEAVES as he never wants to see them go....and he has a fit. Saturday my cousin stopped in for a visit and then my sister and her husband and son. AND Sunday mom and dad came by and then my uncle. So needless to say he had his extent of system overload!

We all slept well last night. Poor grandma kept falling asleep at the drop of a hat while trying to watch Dancing With The Stars. I seem to be hopelessly in a stupor since arriving to Ohio...and can fall asleep talking on the phone even! sooo embarassing and makes me feel so bad when I do that. This 2 hour time change and release of all the stress in addition to new stress I guess has taken its toll.

Today it will be some running...going to call about some houses on the lake I am interested in.....and I need to run errands.

Work is going well though I am still behind.....and with the switching over to a new backup account that I have had to do lately as my primary account is caught means I go a lot slower than usual and cannot make my line count! Crap!!

My brother has FINALLY come aboard the blogging world and is just starting out on EFX2. I have a link for him on my family blog links to the right. He is

Okay...more later......lots to do here for now. :feedingbirds:

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