Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dear Noah:

Well...I think this is what...week 3 since we have moved already? I see I need to change the clock here to Eastern Standard time. Feeling semi-depressed all of a sudden...not sure even why.

You are making the adjustment to living in Ohio very very well. You announced today that you want to stay in Ohio forever! You like all your new friends (family) and such! You are soooo loving it and are being a big boy...sleeping in your own bed at grandma's house!

Now my family has not been around you except like once a do not really understand you and know all your quirks and what makes you tick! OR NOT.....

SO the past couple of weeks including yesterday....we have had a few major moments where you lost it.......and I tried to explain WHY......and I am not sure anyone really "gets it". I am sure some still think it is just you are a spoiled brat or something...which you are NOT. You truly cannot handle certain things well or process things well.

ANY change in your normal is overwhelming for you. While you handle these hiccups much better now than in the past, there are times where you still get overwhelmed and implode!

So...the family will have to slowly learn over time how you are...what sets you off and what makes you functionable...all time consuming. Most are more than willing to learn so that is a good thing.

Mommy is tired. Not sure I am going to keep this short. Need to start looking for a house more seriously.....I have seen some houses even for rent. I really would prefer buying but....maybe renting would not be so bad either.

I love you


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LynAnne said...

You've been through a lot the past weeks. Now that you're getting settled a little, the adrenaline is wearing off and it's only naturally to feel tired and down.

One thing that my son has taught me is that non-autistic people get rattled by change as well. We just aren't as sensitive to it so we don't always recognize when the stress is eating at us. Be gentle to yourself and take care!