Monday, February 27, 2006

Dear Noah: Saturday 02/25/06

A bit hectic today here at grandmas. My cousin came over in the late afternoon...Noah got all excited about that. He had spent the afternoon talking to his daddy via video conference on the PC....and reading books to he was already overwhelmed a bit. Then my cousin comes by.........and he loves her....had a great time with her but got wound up....cried when she left. I finally got him calmed down...rocking him...almost asleep...and my sister Angela (Simplicity) and her husband and son pop in for a visit.

Noah was SUPER excited at this point and spent a lot of time just spinning in circles and flapping his hands around and moving constantly!

Earlier in the day he had a couple of episodes. Grandma was running her sweeper and he did not like the sound but had to run downstairs to pee. He thought he timed it right so when she turned off the sweeper he could run down. The sweeper went off..he was halfway down the steps and she turned the sweeper back ON!!!!

Needless to say NOAH FREAKED OUT....he froze on the steps covering his ears...screaming and screaming and crying.... Grandma finally heard him and turned the sweeper off and Noah just yelled at her "NOW DON'T TURN THAT ON AGAIN!" and I yelled down that he had to pee and the sweeper scared him. SO she waited till he got done. What a trying time.

A few times like that for him over the past few days. Something a bit off the norm happens and sets him off.

otherwise....all going well. I called on a rental tonight...have some houses to call about tomorrow.

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