Monday, April 25, 2005

Dear Noah:

Well yesterday we became official members of our church. I decided to take you to the restroom BEFORE church began...your dad was busy. SO I took you inside with me to the women's bathroom. I have heard of women with their kids (boys) being in the bathroom with them before and being verbally attacked as to WHY their sons were in the women's bathroom with them but it had never happened to me before....until yesterday. AND of all places in the CHURCH!

You were already done and washing your hands. This older grouchy woman came in.....was watching you. Not sure why she was not using the restroom...there were available stalls. Maybe she had to use a sink. Anyway....she asked "is he a boy?" I said yes (and thought here it comes). She asked "well can't he use the men's bathroom?" (I thought well can't you mind your own business) but said "well first of all he is autistic. Secondly he is with me and since I cannot go into the men's bathroom and I certainly don't let him go there by himself". (I would do the same if you were NOT autistic!). She stood there for a couple of minutes....and said slowly "well...I guess I can understand that. Times are different than they used to be aren't they?" I said "they certainly are".

People like that are what give Christianity a bad name. It took me most of the day to LET THIS GO....but finally did. I think I was just mostly amazed that someone would actually SAY something like that to begin with. I mean it is not like you are 13 or 15 or something. You are a little 6 year old boy and with ME. I would never let a 6 year old boy go into any public men's restoom alone! I don't care if it is inside a church. TOO many things can happen in a matter of seconds or minutes!

SO anyway.....that was then and this is now. You were oblivious to it all anyway which is a "good thing" as Martha would say..hahah

Love you to the moon and back again my little Angel boy!


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