Saturday, April 16, 2005

Dear Noah:

You just came back from the park with your dad. I rarely let you go anyplace with him alone because you and him seem to get into it too often and he does not always know how to KEEP YOU CALM! you came surprise to me. You apparently wanted to USE the PORT-A-POTTY at the park but because of the long line your dad convinced you to just walk back home and use our bathroom. Little did he know the end result....the thing that would happen...that you would come inside and OBSESS about the PORT-A-POTTY on and on and on and on until we all about lose our minds. Then you proceeded to talk about using another park's PORT-A-POTTY...on and on and on. I told you with that attitude you would not be going anywhere (as by this time you were slamming yourself into the front door and trying to get out....lying on the floor having a fit although mild one thankfully...etc.).

This went on so long your father and you just left....he is driving you BACK to the park and the PORT-A-POTTY so you can USE IT! Maybe he will eventually is just easier to let you do these things you are obsessed with than to try to FIGHT you on them all the time and make you CONFORM into our round holes when you are definitely a square peg and there is NOTHING wrong with a square peg! They just are NOT made to ever fit into a round hole. I bet you wish everyone around you would quit trying!!

So...hopefully when you get back you will be calm and FINE again. Hopefully I can get some much needed rest as I have been fighting off some kind of cold or sinus infection or whatever. I feel crappy today that is for sure.

Here you two are...back in the car pulling up now. I bet I will see you smiling!

I love you to the moon and back! From one "OVAL" peg to a FABULOUS square one!!!


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