Sunday, April 24, 2005

Dear Noah:

Well you got your NEW BIKE yesterday! WHOO HOOO! A nice shiny new blue, red and neon green...your favorite colors "this week". We of course had to take you back to the park to test ride it...which you did for a long time. No wonder you are still asleep this morning. I imagine you are exhausted as are your little legs.

We tried watching the Incredibles last night with daddy. For some reason you and I just could not get into it. Daddy seemed to enjoy it. SO we did other things while he watched the movie.

Kind of cloudy today and cooler...temperature is 39 degrees since you are so FOND of the weather and temperatures right now. You will sit for hours if I let you...typing in different states, countries or zip codes to find out what the weather is like there. You are always good about giving us OUR weather FORECAST!

Today we will head to the Butterfly Pavilion after church and lunch for a "field trip" since we have been studying frogs, butterflies and now bugs in your science class at school here at home. They have all those things and then some so it should be fun!

Love you lots!

Mommy (I only took digital video clips of you riding your bike yesterday. I will have to take some digital shots of you too so I can post a picture online!)

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