Friday, April 22, 2005

Dear Noah:

Well...we went to run some errands today. I kind of got the feeling you were going to have a harder day than usual. Not sure why but I could "sense" it. Anyway...we went down to get in the car and and Daddy went to open the car door in the back on your side and you started screaming and crying. I thought he had shut your foot in the door or something. Come to find out...after I asked him....AND you...that you heard a "plane" flying overhead and it was hurting your ears. You used to sometimes act like you were almost afraid of planes...but you have always not liked how they sound. However...I you seemed to get more used to them and they were not bothering you so much anymore. Till today. Out of the blue you were screaming and crying because the plane was flying outside and you wanted to keep the car doors shut so the sound would not hurt your ears. I opened my side of the back door once the plane was farther away....and asked if it hurt your ears and you said yes. You then proceeded to tell me you could still HEAR the plane and to shut the door. You were crying big time.

This is a typical example of how UNPREDICTABLE some of your responses sometimes can be. We plan pretty well to manuever you through the day with the least stress or sensory overload....and events like this...ones we would never anticipate...occur. You stress out big time. In a matter of SECONDS. AND within a matter of minutes....thank goodness...the entire event is wipe your eyes and blow your nose and you move on to wondering what the current gas prices are down the street.

You became upset like that a couple of over dramatic for what we would probably think was nothing...but things that were very real and painful to you physically. So hard to understand but we are doing better. As are you.

I will love you to the moon and back forever and ever and ever.....


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