Thursday, April 14, 2005

Dear Noah:

I know a lot of people if their child were diagnosed as autistic would think "oh is the end of the world" for their child..etc. BUT we have never actually felt like that...which is actually a GOOD THING. We should NOT feel that hopefully that will never be a problem. Does not mean there aren't trying there have been and will be. But that is part of life. We will just have more trying times than some...and there are some who have more than us. I think I would tend to cry more over lack of help for Noah than anything....but I don't even cry about that. I don't feel like crying....I guess cause I don't look at this as a sad diagnosis. I know when I told my physician that time when I went in for my physical that Noah was autistic...she rolled her chair back from the computer immediately and said "OH NO!" and looked really sad. I was kind of surprised and wondered WHY she did that. BUT I think that is pretty typical...and I am not sure why we have not ever had that reaction. I guess that is why God put Noah in our family....maybe He knew we would NOT think that way and Noah would have a better chance? I don't know.....things like that and too deep of thinking makes my head hurt!! hahahahah

Have a good night. It is 72 degrees and sunny here today! WHOOO HOOOO

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Stacey Teague said...

Your Blog is so interesting, and your son, Noah, sounds like a real joy!!!