Friday, April 22, 2005

Dear Noah:

So many choices to make and decisions to make my head is spinning! Your pediatrician called me and told me he was in the process of making all of your referrals. I guess you will see a pediatric cardiologist at the hospital for further evaluation of your heart murmur. The good news is it could be what they call and "innocent murmur" that can come and go your entire life and not really cause you any problem. Or it could be something else or more serious. You sure do seem to get out of breath pretty quick and your heart will POUND! Course mine has always done that too.

We will have to decide where to send you for speech therapy and occupational therapy.....but it sounds like our insurance will cover least for now. I will find out all the details later I guess. We are also checking into JFK Partners. They provide many services for autistic spectrum kids. You have been doing very well in school here at home. It has been so much easier than when you were IN the public school setting...and you are learning so much more so much more quickly! I mean they were not even teaching you the things you are learning now at home. In kindergarten you were bringing home all these silly pre-school type papers. You are doing 1st grade work now and even some 2nd grade work and doing it well. You are learning all the states and capitals which is way beyond the 1st and 2nd grade. You are learning the oceans and continents! You and I went shopping yesterday and found a great globe on sale at K-Mart for 11.99 and got it for you! You spent the afternoon checking it out. You are learning things in science too. See in your old public school kindergarten you were NOT learning any social studies or science or art or music. We incorporate all those into your schedule here at home along with 1st grade math and English and spelling/writing of course. You are enjoying yourself. You are learning at least 8-10 new words every week in your spelling class and being tested and passing with flying colors! Anyway.... you are doing great and I love you! (Mommy)

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