Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dear Noah....the tooth fairy visited you last night.....

(photo altered and taken by Uncle Sonny)

You told me the other day you had a lose front jaw tooth......and I said if you would wiggle would hopefully become loose enough to fall out. AND we were standing in Walgreen's yesterday and all of a sudden you turned to me and said " came out!" and there in your hand was your tooth!

This morning when you checked under the pillow you found THREE were thrilled and said it must be a RARE tooth (since you got so much more for this one than the others). I told you that sometimes you get MORE from the tooth fairy for BIGGER teeth than other teeth. You just smiled.

Love you lots! POURING rain here today! This afternoon is your belated Valentine Party at your after school program.



Patty said...

Way to go, yes your tooth fairy sounds way too generous. I don't remember getting anything for my teeth and our kids only got a quarter, sometimes 50 cents.

Melissa said...

Wow, $3.00 a tooth? That's what the tooth fairy leaves Audrey!

Betsy said...

What a fun time...having the tooth fairy come. I have fond memories of loosing my teeth! Love the altered picture...handsome!

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

That is such a neat photo! Hope Noah had fun at his party!