Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dear Noah.....Sunday we went to see your grandma and grandpa L.....and cousin Audrey and Aunt Melissa......

we had lunch together and then you and Audrey played on the computer together. Monday we went back over to pick up Audrey since you were both off school and we went to the pet store to check out pets.....and then did some shopping...and then went out for an early supper at Fazoli's.

You were both playing on Audrey's computer and both sitting in the same chair...which you seemed to enjoy Noah as you got to snuggle up to Audrey!

We also saw Baby Kitty who is not so much a baby anymore...weighing in at 20 pounds!

Tonight after your speech therapy we went to see grandma C....and once back home you were getting out of your booster seat in the truck and you asked me..."Mom..when am I going to get out of the car seat?" It was the WAY you asked it.....and I realized yes.....you are about that age now to stop being in a booster car seat. Ohio's laws are more lenient than Colorado's laws were.....so you are ALMOST to the point where you could get out of the seat. AGE-wise you are past the limit.....but HEIGHT wise you still are not quite there......so the booster seat will stay in the truck for now so your shoulders are at the appropriate height for the seat belt to fit properly.

We are back home now and I still have a bad migraine...so I am signing off.

I love you Noah!


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Patty said...

I think you both had an enjoyable time Sunday. And Audrey really likes playing Phase Ten now. So while she played a game of cards, you were able to play alone on the computer. I guess everyone was happy. Love you bushels and bushels.